Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pictures "Catch Up" (The Second Half)

I am ACTUALLY following through with my update in pictures.  Don't be shocked.  THIS is easy.  Writing updates, not so much.

If you haven't seen Part I, I've placed the link below.


My mom took me out for a birthday lunch.  My oldest two had
to work, but I enjoyed the goofy time we always have
as a family.
Gabe and Mommy


Daddy and Ben

Max and Bekah

My Mom and Rachel

Anna and Jael

Goofy Again (Bekah, Me, and Gabe)

Anna injured her foot...again.  Monkey in the Middle is 
apparently a rough game (laughing).  She was playing
it with two girl friends.  There was no babysitter
available for her appointment, so....

 ...cuteness reigned.

Side note: It was only a pulled muscle that would take SIX WEEKS to heal (after two weeks
had already passed).

We love Operation Christmas Child and for some reason (has to 
be God) we always have the money just in time
to participate.  SOOO THANKFUL!

As we prepared for Thanksgiving, the children cooked too.  Jael
wasn't so sure about Gabe's choices.

Wildly, we were so caught up in Thanksgiving, we have almost NO pictures. This is 
the best of the worst.  It's not a great picture of even one of us, but
tolerable of all of us (laughing).  It is proof we actually were together.

 Bekah is taking piano this year and was practicing while
we were at Grandma's for Thanksgiving.

THE game may have been on.  

This beautiful girl KNOWS how to pose.  It SKEERS ME!!!!

This girl and her faces.  NO JOKE, someday I hope she'll let
me post her crazier ones.  Her face is like Playdoh (seriously).  Think
Jim Carey...


Ben looked so cute on timeout. 

The girls had just had their hair untwisted.

Can you handle the truth? You sure?!
I titled this one "Voting Day Dork" in my picture file.  
Yup, I did.

This is what happens when the cat (Sienna) climbs into a clean pile of laundry and you 
don't notice.  You dump more clean laundry on said cat.
I guess it's better than turning on the shower and not knowing a cat 
was in there.  Ya, last week...Brrreow got clean.

 Just Pure Sweetness


Yes, I have actually made it to pictures for THIS month.  It blows me away. 
Thankful I gave up on the intense essay I had started.  There just isn't time and
there would have been "crickets" as my blog family waited...and waited.

Finally, our third in line to the crown turned fourteen. Anna, our blessing of
a daughter, finally became an OFFICIAL teen.  Why fourteen and not 
thirteen? Who knows, it's just always felt that
way with all our children.

This is the most normal ANNA looked. She takes after
her sister when it comes to pictures and making faces.
 Yup, there's another face.  That girl!

This is the night we gathered to decorate the tree.  Again, it's always an interesting
picture of at least one child (laughing). Sarah and Anna were there,
but were not "presentable" for pictures (think PJs).

Below is the view from my shoulder.

When everyone bowed their head, M.K. wanted to join in.  There
is always a cat around.


(Anna) This picture leaves no doubt that she is my daughter.

Our Annual Christmas Art Project 

Jael and Levi (I really can't stop taking pictures of either of them!) 

This picture is for my friend Melanie who (cracked me up) made fun of me wearing sunglasses
in the house (laughing).  I told her I had huge bags under my eyes. When kids want pictures, they get them though.  These are my tired Mommy eyes.  I LOVE

He wouldn't stop moving, but I still thought this was SO

We went to see Penguins of Madagascar.   Many thanks to their big brother Tom!
We take up the whole row.  Those down at the end in the dark? Ya, they're ours.

 Tom and the Little and Middles
Gabe was NOT happy about having to go home.

Below are a couple of goofy picture from the local
nine hour (yes, you read that right) final installment of
"The Hobbit".  Tom, Sarah, Anna, Lexi (family), Scott (friend), and Christopher (friend) went 
to a showing of all three movies.  (Thank you Tom!)

Jael was resting on the trampoline.  Sienna pinned her.

Look how cute these Christmas kids are!

Sarah (our oldest) brought me this little reindeer that I had mentioned I thought
was cute.  This is me after a day of Christmas shopping.  Now THAT is reality.
I call it my obese reindeer.  Look at it's cute little short legs (laughing).
After the depth of this post, with profound thoughts on obese reindeer,
I thought I'd leave you  with some cute quotes from the kids.

Rachel on the way to the bathroom singing...."LET IT GO! LET IT GOOOOOO!"

The kids are a little too familiar with the angel Gabriel.  They keep calling him Gabe.

 (In learning to guess the proper price of things in Bekah's curriculum...) The price of a t-shirt 
had the possibility of $.50, $5.00, or $500.00.  Which is more likely?  She said $.50.
Our yard sale habits really messed her up.  I still gave her an A.

Thunder rocked the house and Gabe and Rachel grabbed each other and Gabe said, "It's ok 
Rachel, I've got you."

"Mommy, I have goof-bumps." Gabe

Max's new word.  Soon to be added to the "Kat Dictionary".
As in "I had a confusement."
I completely understood him.

Mommy Heart Swelling Quote of the Day
"I am an echo of you." (Sarah)

Heard yelled throughout the house during finals week...
"DON'T GROW UP! IT'S A TRAP!"  (Sarah)


  1. Thank you so much for the updates! Your children are lovely, and it thrills me to see how well Ben appears to be doing.
    I know you are busy, but THANK YOU for taking the time for updates. Picture updates are the best! God bless your family!

  2. And I thought you were napping all this time! LOL! ((((HUGS))))
    Thanx for sharing the fun!! :o)
    Time flies so fast here it feels like only minutes have passed!


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