Monday, December 15, 2014

Pictures "Catch Up" (The First Half)

Please tell me it's not just ten days until Christmas?  Please tell me that I've posted of pictures of birthdays and big events of the last, ohhhh....hmmmm...five months?

Ya, I thought so.

I have attempted a catch up post WAY too many times.  I have now officially let myself off the proverbial hook.

I will now "catch up" in pictures, with maybe a little story thrown in there.


So, I have this friend from college.... 
 He may deny it, but now I have proof.  I have memories of Bob teaching me to cheat VERY
obviously at cards....VERY obviously.  He happens to be a Christian comedian with a wonderful 
heart for God.
Tom (our oldest) and Bob Smiley (above)

After a night of my husband, I, Tom and Anna watching Bob Smiley and 
Tim Hawkins perform...
that is the face you get.
Tom (our oldest), Tim, and his friend Scott


Max turned twelve this year.  He's growing up in so many ways...especially 
his relationship with God.  Keep reading....

Taylor (who we claim as family), Rachel, Jael, Ben the blur, and the
Birthday Boy!

I posted this because he is SUCH a goofball!!!

One of our first tries at gluten free cake.  Max
was the guinea pig.

And now the beauty....
In a fountain at our friend's church Max gave his life to
Christ in baptism.

Happy Rebirthday Max!

The month continued very cutely.
The twins turned five!
I know the picture quality isn't great, but I'm 
thankful I got at least a few!

Now the Random....
Sarah's first day at college! Medical missions, here she comes! (above)
Side note: Sarah just finished her first semester with three A's and one B plus.  She is smarticle!

Ok, they're just cute.

The two being baptized are two we consider family, Taylor and Farrah.
Taylor has a story that has BLOWN us all away in praise.  It's his story though.
Maybe someday I'll convince him to let me share it (hint hint Taylor).


This was the triple 18th birthday threat.  They all turned 18 within a couple weeks.
Above is Sarah (our oldest daughter)...which she will probably kill me for posting, but EVERY TIME I pointed
the camera she made a face. (Laughing)

Below is Lexi (who we consider family) and her sweet boyfriend


 Annnnnnnd Jael gets her running legs!!!!!

I got to have my first girls weekend in 10 years. We went to 
our 20th university reunion!  Yup, I'm old.  My husband
was my hero this weekend.  He watched the kids (smile).
Me and Yvonne

Our Speaker...inspiring to hear Kent Brantly speak.  Bad picture, beautiful speech...

Our oldest (Tom) turned twenty!  He may hate this picture too, but 
if they would pose for  My brother's birthday was also this month, but 
since he's bigger than me and can hurt me (chuckle)....and I don't have permission...I won't post 

Me and my Ben-JAMIN'

This is Levi, Taylor's son.  He is a gift. Family...Precious....

I love Love LOVE this picture of Ben.  It cracks me up!!!!

 Now, so I don't bog down blogger, I'll be done.  I've caught you up a bit.

I gave up on the deep detailed catch up.  This is it.  My beautiful family....with more pictures coming.

Have a blessed night and I'll catch up more with you soon!!!!


  1. Fun to catch up! Glad to have you back! I do SO relate to the struggles of keeping up with the blog. . .

  2. (((HUGS))) and prayers :o)
    LOVE to ALL!


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