Saturday, July 12, 2014

You In?!

Though I didn't plan on it, I got two hours alone today.  This just isn't the norm for midday Saturday.  I had planned to go lend a hand to a friend.  Actually we all had and only my husband (and seven children) made it.

I had alternate plans, or I should say my body did.  I got nauseous.  Sour stomach, a feeling that moving would have me driving a porcelain bus.

By the time my husband arrived at my friends house, my nausea was dying down (after being present ALLLLLLLL morning).

So I cracked out my Bible, a book I was meaning to read called, "The Circle Maker", and my prayer journal.  For two hours I spent time with God that I wasn't planning to.  It was in HIS plans though.

I never thought I would thank God for a sour stomach...but I do.

Lots of much needed relationship happened.  I think it's too easy (sadly) to not spend quality time with our Creator, Father, God.  I'm not lecturing.  I'm talking to myself in a way.

I have many things (after my two hours) that I am treasuring in my heart.

One thought I'd like to convey here is...

It is easier to do God's will, to follow Him....when we are spending time with Him.  

It's kind of like this.

 Take a long distance relationship.

Oh he (or she) is THE ONE.  They are IT for you.  Yet, sometimes you have to go where the job calls you.  You feel you can make a long distance relationship work.  You email, call, and shock (yes, even in this day and age) write each other.  Skype is AWESOME!  You plan for days to drive out and see each other.  This IS going to work.

After a few months, you don't call or email quite as much.  The long romantic letters...well, there's just not even a minute in the day for that.  Coordinating your schedules becomes so much harder.  Though, truthfully, maybe it's because distance is not actually making the heart grow fonder.  It's making it easier to be apart.

All the talking, listening, loving, emailing, and effort is gone.

Sound familiar?  It's easy to lose sight of what's important....WHO is the MOST important....OUR ABBA FATHER.

Funny though, God doesn't go anywhere.  We do.

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."  Romans 8:38-39

God loves us! Oh how He loves us, but for periods in our lives He only gets a passing, "Love ya!" or a scripted prayer.

That's not relationship.

We beg Him to help us overcome temptation or sin.

Yet with a flippant look, we don't stick around long enough to listen to HIS thoughts and HIS encouragement.  There is no hearing the "You can do this! I have given you the strength!"

We don't sit at His feet and accept His gift of removing what is in front of us.

We run off so quickly that we miss the valuable time.  Sometimes we miss the gift.

Sometimes we even miss the most important thing...the relationship.

When we ..........Worship, Love, Praise, Study, Pray, Listen, Fast, Give, Serve....

we get a gift beyond a passing "Love Ya!"  We get a relationship.

I want to encourage you today toward relationship.

Please don't assume "long distance" will make your heart grow fonder.

Relationship awaits...

It is a love that none other compares to.

He is GOD friends! Do you hear that? GOD.  He loves you. He wants to spend time with YOU.

How cool is that?!!!


You In?!!! Race Ya!!!!

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  1. Boy, oh boy, did I need this post!! It's a dictation of my life at the moment, and something I've been struggling with correcting. I've come to realize that I've been letting myself be so busy that my relationship suffers. It's SO easy to scratch that time off the "to do" list when there's so much more to try to fit into the day. And the more you put it off, the easier and easier it comes to continue to do so. But I have to purpose NOT to allow myself to do that! I find the more often I focus on that relationship, the more often I WANT to put more into it, and spend more time focused on it! Thanks for the reminder to make Him a priority in my day :)


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