Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Journey~Running Legs

I'm sitting here sleepy (and very hungry tonight....shrug), yet satisfied.

After a roller coaster week, today we hit a high.  Today Jael had her first fitting for her running legs.

Our antsy little girl was ready to get them on as quickly as possible.

Seriously, how cute can one child get?!

PVC pipe walking aids...which (btw) she doesn't need tonight.

Today's "Crew"

Waiting as they prepared the prosthetics. She can take them home two weeks before they
finish them with some cool material she chose.

Proof I really was there, though hiding.

Jael and her Prosthetist, Stewart

The twins ready to GO after many hours!

After only twenty minutes in her new legs, Jael was starting to take steps on her own.  
She is now walking around the house in her "running legs".  Not quite running yet, but soon I'm in TROUBLE!!!!

It constantly amazes me that THIS little girl...

Became this little girl....

To learning the love of family....

Grew to this little girl who blew the doctors away after her amputation surgery...

To her first day walking EVER...

To beautiful knees....

And now....and now....BLESSINGS ABOUND.

Thank you all that have joined us in the fantastic journey God has put before our daughter!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS.... SUCH JOY UNSPEAKABLE! Rejoicing with your little princess, RUN JAEL, RUN!
    cannot believe how God always goes above and beyond....

  2. I'm so proud of Jael! There isn't a single picture I've seen where she isn't smiling. And what a smile!!!! So beautiful.

    Congratulations, princess. Can't wait to see pictures of you running around! ;)

  3. I was just thinking about Jael's emotional journey to you, her forever family. I was thinking the same as the others here said- "She is always smiling!" I remember how hard it was for her to leave her care givers in China. We all joined you in prayer. I remember how hard it was for you to accept her legs needing to be removed. Those cute little feet, gone forever. We all joined you in prayer. The Lord has turned it all into JOY! He answered beyond our hopes and dreams for her! How blessed you are to live this with her, how blessed we are that you share it with all of us.
    AWESOME!!! God is just AWESOME!!
    Jael's future is as BIG as her beautiful smile!!
    We LOVE you ALL more than words can express!


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