Friday, July 11, 2014

Serious Stuff, "Samples", and Running Legs

I'm not sure even what to write today.  I woke with my heart aching for Israel. Pray, pray, pray friends...

Then I read the following article.

My heart is heavy with some very weighty subjects.

Yet, each day progresses and life has to happen.

Today we have come a step closer to therapies (taking place at an office) for Ben.  The official referral has been made.  When we first arrived home and visited our local disability clinic, we were told to hold off.  We were doing everything that they would've done.  We needed to focus on attachment.

We then, after time passed, requested at home services.  A little later, we realized we were insane.  Yes, that's no real surprise for most that know us.  It's not always a bad thing, but in this instance we realized just how often we'd have to cancel because just one of us was sick.

Outpatient it was!
Outpatient needed a different referral.

So, today we wait for the hospital to call (yes!).

We also took "samples" to Ben's GI doctor. I don't enjoy "samples"...really.  I've taken many of them during the years.  More than just a few for our little Ben puzzle boy.

Warning: TMI Alert!
After treatment for H Pylori, Ben was explosive...and I'm not talking about his personality.  I'm talking about a very impressive decorating of even ones hair.  Yup.

Ben also is just not gaining weight.

We feed him all the typical healthy weight gainer stuff (coconut oil, crushed nuts, etc.).  Nope, nada...

We increase his calories and fat more and more....nope...

So we work with our GI doc and a Nutritionist.

Today we also went and got a bone age scan for Gabe.  No, there's no doubt about his age.  There's really no big worry or alarming signs.  We are just having him checked for any underlying growth issues.  He's tough, healthy, and adorable...but not growing quite as fast as his twin sister.  Even the doctor really thinks it's just delayed for him and there are no worries, but we both feel it's a good idea to just be safe and check.

That's our Anna!

We don't get

OHHHHH YA, a very cool call came in today.  Jael's will have a fitting for her running legs next week.  SO COOL!!!! Just thought I'd throw and FYI out there!

So now we head into the weekend.  Thomas is due home any minute and I'll throw together some dinner...or he will.  (He's pretty awesome if I'm depleted at all.)  The kids are having a quiet time playing with giant Legos and I'm padiddling (how in the world do you spell that???) here on the Internet.

It's now time to go.  Kids must be fed apparently.  Have a blessed weekend friends!


Please keep praying for the Groothuis family.  Their new normal will most likely not come any time soon.  The loss is so great.  They also already have trolls (those whose purpose is to hide under bridges and attack those already hurting) trying to spread lies in the comment section in this blog (and I'm sure many others).  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Please pray for the children pouring through our borders.  Please pray also for their parents and families.  My thought is that many, if not most, are broken and sent their children as a last resort.  The violence in many of these countries is overwhelming.  The thought of the children being sent back to their heart hurts.

...and pray for Israel.  Call out to God friends.

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  1. We add powdered ensure to breakfast cereal (oatmeal) and the thinner guys drink it too. :o)
    Just a thought. Julius couldn't gain weight for 2 years- he was HYPER-thyroid and then "poof" it was gone and he's normal weight!! The pediatric endocrinologist said sometimes their systems have to work it out on their own for a bit. But always still good to keep an eye it.
    I'm sad for the immigrants as well (cry).

    P.S. Is troll hunting legal?? I feel like hunting troll. ;o)


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