Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Organizing and Praying, Praying, and More Praying

Today we spent organizing.  Between a minor virus and my injury...the kids got to clean and reorganize.  The good news is that we had six large kitchen bags full of stuff to give away. That's just in three rooms, so we're hopeful that will grow.

We moved Anna's lizard cages today and apparently one of the cats decided it was a viewing station.


Well, tonight has been a little harder.  We have a manic laugh in full swing I take a deep breath.

I'm really just wanting to remind everyone to pray for the Groothuis family.  Here is a beautiful tribute written by her friend.  My heart just aches.

Also, please pray for the Van Etten family. Last night Dave passed away and is with Jesus (and his wife who died many years ago from cancer).  He died unexpectedly after his own battle with cancer.  Please pray for comfort for his daughter Danae and Dave's loved ones.  In addition, please pray for Danae's healing as she fights cancer as well.  We do not know this family, but they are dear to some pretty special people we know and our hearts are with this family.

Thank you for kneeling with us in prayer.  May your night be blessed.

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  1. ((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) and prayers, thank you for sharing that link. My heart just aches.

    We LOVE being de-cluttered! We are actually going monthly- donating at least a bag a month because it's a great habit.


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