Monday, July 21, 2014

My Rant Expanded

Today satan (yes, I refuse to capitalize his name)....was just TICKING ME OFF!!!!

So many of my precious friends are buying into satan's lies and I'm sick of it!  (Not them, but satan!)

You see, satan is enjoying telling everyone they are not worth it.  He is reveling in the words, "You're not good enough!"  Oh, he's getting a good old chuckle over this.

He needs to stop laughing and my friends, we all need to stop listening!!!!


The master of lies may mess with us, but GOD WINS!!!!

He's also a master at making us forget!

*It is NOT what we do that make us worthy.  It is what GOD DID!  Do not diminish the grace of our Heavenly Father!
*Don't forget the men of the Bible!  The men I admire and really look up to them.  Man, they were SINNERS though!  David struggled with sexual sin until he KILLED A MAN!  Paul killed CHRISTIANS!  It's arrogance to think our sin is so much worse than these great men!!!

Today, I sat with these precious children...

 and talked about how God can speak to us.  We came up with six ways....His Word, visions, dreams, the Holy Spirit to our hearts, signs, and through other people.

It's hard to hear Him when satan is sitting there with his fingers in our ears and we are letting him.


I read today John 1:35-41.

Listen to this...

The next day John was there again with two of his disciples.  When he saw Jesus passing by, he said, “Look, the Lamb of God!”
When the two disciples heard him say this, they followed Jesus.  Turning around, Jesus saw them following and asked, “What do you want?”
They said, “Rabbi” (which means “Teacher”), “where are you staying?”
 “Come,” he replied, “and you will see."

He's talking to YOU.  Come!
So they went and saw where he was staying, and they spent that day with him. It was about four in the afternoon.
Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, was one of the two who heard what John had said and who had followed Jesus. The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, “We have found the Messiah” (that is, the Christ).
WE HAVE FOUND THE MESSIAH!  Friends, it's time to find the Messiah and ditch all the lies today.
Yes, my passion is at an all time high.  I hate seeing the havoc of lies.  God is so much bigger and so much better! He loves you! He cherishes you!
If there is just ONE that needs to hear this right now....
each one matters to God.

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  1. Love-love-love the van seating arrangement! We have our special- who can and cannot sit next to who seating arrangement too! ha! ha! The joy of being a mommy!

    Amen! Yes! All fearfully and wonderfully made! I needed the "He already Won!!" reminder- why do I forget so easily?


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