Thursday, July 10, 2014

Leg Hair and My Internal Debate

A peek inside my mind....

I sat looking at my sparkly blue toes (yes, I'm 42 and still paint my toenails blue)...

and realized that if I didn't shave my legs soon, my name would need to be changed to Sasquatch.

I'm kind of fond of my name, Kat.  It fits me.  Sasquatch, not so much.

"It's summer and a winter coat is not appropriate.", I internally debated as I sat in a bath.

(Very truthfully, this was my internal debate)

"I've gotten past the sharp prickly stage where I fear I will rub up against some one and impale them.  My name IS Kat.  Isn't fur appropriate?  Shoot, it's now to the 'shave it or braid it' stage."

See, now you're all judging me.  That's the last time I let you peek inside my mind.

So now I'm a hairless Kat.  At least my legs are....

Sigh....and next week I must do it again.

The reason shaving became immanent.


  1. I grew up a Hippie, stayed a Hippie. Don't shave body hair ever. Kids have not become maladjusted from living with it! Much to my distress the grown girls do shave! ROTFLOL!! Heck Dad doesn't shave body hair either! One daughter (now in Heaven) was even a Beautician- I gave birth to a Beautician!!! and I can't even remember to comb my hair! ((((((HUGS))))))))


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