Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 4th and Jael~Doubling the Celebration (Part 1 of 2)

The fourth of July is a special day.  Even before Jael came home, we celebrated!

We celebrated freedom.  Yes, it included red, white, and blue fingernails...hair beading...and miscellaneous goofiness.  Yet, there's a part of me that fires up during this holiday.  There are so many that fought for our freedom as a nation....and still do.

Once upon a time, that was my husband.  I learned what it meant to be a military wife.

                                  Thomas taking advantage of the rare moment he was able to rest.

I learned the sacrifices, not just during deployment.  Now I pray for the continued freedom in this country.

For these children I pray for freedom...

Ok, so this little guy we can only claim by adoring him. His family
joined us for our celebration.   Little Levi is a HUGE reason to 
continue praying for freedom in this country.  

Tom (now 19)
2013                                       2014


                                                    Reality (smile)

Sarah (now 17)
2013                                       2014

                                                    UBER Reality!!!

Anna (now 13)
2013                                       2014

                                                   Beautiful Reality!

Max (now 11)
2013                                       2014

                                                    Alternate Reality (LOVE HIM!!!)

Ben (now 10...11 in a few weeks)
2013                                         2014

                                                      Cool Reality!!!

Bekah (now 8)
2013                                       2014

                                                    Joyous Reality!!!

Jael (now 6)
2013                                                   2014

Today we also celebrated Jael's 6th birthday!!!! Though this wasn't the actual day, it's close enough!
Birthday Reality!

2013                                       2014

Gabe (now 4)
2013                                       2014

                                                    Sweet Reality!!!!

Rachel (now 4)
2013                              2014

                                                    I told her to do what she wants. I'm in trouble.
                                                    My Trouble Reality!

The Triplets
 2013                                                                                 2014

The following pictures are not quite as nice as last year....though I must say they made me laugh.

The Girls


 The Boys        

2013                                                   2014~The boys were SO done!



As the day progressed for us, we gathered for a celebration of Jael's life  as well.  Last week, Jael turned six!!!!
                                                               (To Be Continued....)

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