Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 4th and Jael~ Doubling the Celebration (Part 2 of 2)

On July 4th we cranked up the BBQ.  It was the celebration of Jael's Birthday AND the celebration of freedom in our country!  Seriously, the happy level was contagious!

I think the final count at our house was twenty two.  That's really not that many with our family (eleven currently under our roof and one in Heaven).

Jael found joy in every bit.

You may notice to guys sitting in back of Jael.  That's friends Bryan and Alex (ok, more like family).  Our theory is they just liked the pink. (wink)

Taylor, his son Levi, our Anna, and Farrah

Alex, our Tom (hiding in the background), Bryan, Hannah, and of course Jael in front
We bought Jael a Hello Kitty hat to match her upcoming running legs.

Grandma is really good to her.  She got a Leap Pad to share with her siblings.

Not the best quality of pictures, but pure sweetness!

Six years ago this world became a brighter place! Happy Birthday Jael!!!

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