Thursday, July 17, 2014

First Fruits...and Not Being Able to Brain

I woke up at 4:00am this morning. 

Funnily, I wrote this post yesterday, but didn't trust myself to make sense with the sleep deprivation.  That led to me not publishing it.


My brain ceases to function after 1:00am and before 5:30am.  I can't brain today.  

Seriously....I can't brain.

I've already had to apologized to a couple middles.  Hate that! Not the apologizing part, but for not being proactive (instead of reactive).  It's rarer and rarer, but I hate it when that human side of my nature peeks through occasionally and I get snarky.  (Snarky is a funny word.  It makes me think of a shark in a top hat for some reason.  Told you, I'm tired.)

Today I SHOULD be sorting kitchen cabinets. What am I actually going to do? 

You want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! (What movie is that from?!)

I'm going to sit on the couch and live as close to comatose as I can while still being able to watch the kids.  

That, my friends, is reality.

Our oldest and his friend are playing a used Guitar Hero that Tom just got.  

My second oldest is at work (after a morning of vomiting from allergies we think). Our third is with her grandma running errands.  The rest get a nice fun play day (since tomorrow will be a full day).

Yet, I did get to spend time with God this morning.   It was an interesting course of events (course of events, course of events, course of, that sounds smart....again, I'm tired). 

My husband got up around 5:00am when he noticed I wasn't there.  We started to get into discussion that was pretty deep.  Usually I love our early morning discussions.  This morning a pit formed in my stomach.  I racked my brain for what it could be. 

I heard in my spirit, "first fruits".  

I usually start my morning with a water bottle full of green tea, a Bible, my prayer journal, a pencil, and a book (by those wiser that I am) in parts of their spiritual walk.  It's beautiful, intense....and didn't happen first thing this morning.

God wanted my first fruits of the day.  

I stopped the conversation and explained things to my husband.  He was great and understood.

So what happened when I opened up to my reading of the day?

"He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we might be a kind of first fruits of all he created." James 1:18

Our Heavenly Father gives us such a gift when He reiterates the word the Spirit says to our hearts.

I've been thinking lately about "first fruits".  

The first fruits of our money~All our money belongs to Him and He asks that we remember that.  It's more than tithe, but remember FIRST that it is His.  Everything we have is.

The first fruits of our children~ Not only our first born, but also remembering that each child's life belongs to Him first.

Today was remembering that my first fruits of the day are not mine, my husbands, but His.  

I racked my brain for the place I had heard a discussion about first fruits lately.  My Facebook friend Kim Green posted this last week.  It's too good not to share.

"I was thinking about this on the way home from the airport: God wants our firsts and so therefore so does Satan. 

1- First day of the week

How many people don't go to church anymore because their kids play sports, they are working, they are too tired, etc?

2- First part of each day / first thoughts 

How many people check their email or facebook before they pray and/or read the Word?

3- First part of your life/your youth

Abortion. Institutionalized care.

4- First part of your money

How many Christians truly give at least a tenth of their income to what God is doing in this world? ... either through your local church or those who are serving Him throughout the world?

5- First born

How many of us feel we have made the most mistakes (usually because we are trying to be so "perfect" in our parenting) with our first born?

6- Head (first) of of the house ... fathers

How many fathers get lured by the world and leave their families? How many kids are born out of wedlock because he isn't willing to commit?

7- Israel - God's first born according to the Bible

How many of us have turned our back on/forget to pray for Israel?

By making a conscious effort to recognize his schemes... and make the right choice in each of these areas ... we can take back the Kingdom one decision at a time."

So this afternoon I'm contemplating what first fruits I am not giving God.  Sounds like a nice heavy conversation for my husband and I tonight.  If I can stay awake....


  1. An awesome older couple that we know always says of their house "it's not our house! It's God's house! Anyone who wants can use it!" It is such a refreshing perspective, and we should all be more honest about what actually belongs to God!

  2. Thanks for sharing your day and Kim's thoughts. :o)
    Great stuff to chew on!
    Love-Love- LOVE Bible discussion! Live and breathe to be nearer to Him!

  3. Take that break, be semi-comatose. Take care of yourself. Sometimes you need to rest.


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