Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Finding Grace

I looked for a definition of grace this morning.  The normal dictionaries can't seem to grasp the enormity of it.  So where did I go? The back of my Bible.

Grace: Unmerited favor, unearned benefit, undeserved kindness.  God's amazing gift of forgiveness of sins and power to live with dignity in the present and with hope for the future.

Somewhere around 1:30am I misplaced my grace.  I woke up hot and sweaty, the air conditioner clearly not on.  I'm fine in dry heat, but humidity does a number on my ability to breathe.  I feel like such a princess when I say that.  It's definitely a first world issue.

I woke my husband and he was able to simply get it working again (something to do with the fuse box).

I stayed up a bit longer to make sure the temperature was going down in the house.  Truthfully, I was concerned for the kids.  If it didn't, I needed to get fans out and get them cooled down.

This morning came way too early.  I kept looking at the clock knowing my oldest needed a ride to work this morning.

I literally dragged myself out of bed.  It's not a pretty picture.  I don't wake with model hair or a made up face, but sleep encrusted eyes and hair reminiscent of Don King.

The kids didn't wake up in much better shape.  Motivating them left me a tad depleted.

Thankfully, our oldest daughter watched the children while I took Tom to work.

When I arrived back....I'll just say some littles (and a couple of middles) had made some fairly minor decisions that they should not have, a middle made the decision to answer a question they did not know the answer to (and because of belief in said words...really threw off things this morning), and three decided to disobey what was asked of them.

The fact that my grace has wandered off in the wee hours did not help things.

I'm having trouble finding it today.  Grace is not deserved, yet it's desperately needed this morning.

There is a time for consequences, especially when consequences will bring a value in learning.  Discipline is necessary and has a value. Yet, grace is also required.

Grace can help us teach God's love in a way that  few things can.  Our lives echo God when we forgive....show grace. Our steps will show a softness, a kindness, often missing in "the world".

So this morning I'm trying to find grace.  Honestly, I'm not quite there yet.  I'm trying.  My spirit is calming.

God is giving it to me.  Now it's my turn to pass it on.

Guess what is written on my arm this morning?

Yup, if you need me, I'm off finding grace.

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  1. Well let's see, Joy, Grace, Hope, and Faith are 4 of my daughters. Joy went to Heaven, Grace got married, Hope lives with her boy friend :o( and Faith is right here :o) (*wink*)
    You should have warned me of the deepness of the meanings of these words BEFORE I named them! HA! HA!!

    Toby Mac's new CD arrived today!-After I listened to it- I have to say I think you blew out the speakers in the van! It's that good! I'd have done that too- but Pauly's Autism makes us listen to veggie tales now instead of "rockin" the van like we used to.


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