Monday, July 7, 2014

A Family Day~Gabriel and Rachel

Last week was a very special one for our family.  Man, the memories kept flooding back....

.... of a serious little guy named Gardenew that we were very concerned about as he waited in Ethiopia.  When we brought him home, both he and I suffered from an unknown....cycling fever (three days with fever, three days without) until he was briefly hospitalized.

... of a little girl named Bulkinesh, who we weren't as concerned about, but who also waited.  She was so very sick once we arrived that we don't believe she would have made it if we had been delayed anymore.  That is a story within itself.

At ten and a half months she couldn't roll over and  bore no weight on her legs.  She had the worst case of ringworm, covering her entire back, that our international adoption pediatrician had ever seen.

Yet God moved.  We passed court in Ethiopia the first time (which was 100% unheard of at the time as the laws had just changed).  He moved governments and our travel orders came earlier than those waiting longer.

God moved...beautiful...a privilege....a joy to watch....

God constantly blesses and moves.

It was as if they awoke once we received custody.  You can't see just how sick especially Rachel was, because joy just radiated out of them.

Even then, you had to earn Rachel's smiles.  She's still that way.

July 3rd, 2010 (at 10 1/2 months old) they landed on United States soil and they became citizens and joined the remainder of the family so earnestly praying for them.  They joined their (then) five other brothers and sisters (Tom, Sarah, Anna, Max, and Bekah).

Today they are almost five and so much more then we could've ever asked for or fathomed.

Rachel, our little Mommy, has a tender heart...and a little stubborn streak (laughing).  You still have to earn her smile if she is in a serious mood.  She still very much earns the nickname "Her Sweetness"

Gabriel is our adventurer.  He is willing to try everything and has a smile that has everyone wrapped around his finger.  Yes, he has a little temper that we are working on in our teaching moments.

There is not a day that goes by that we don't thank God for these two precious gifts.  Happy Family Day Gabriel Stephen Gardenew and Rachel Kailyn Bulkinesh!

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