Monday, June 30, 2014

Nothing....and Then Everything

The bad thing about going to an all day concert is the urge to buy about...hmmmm....four different CD's.  It becomes even harder when my daughter works at a large Christian store and a discount may be involved.

I resisted...for now....since the amp in our beast of a van died.  No, this one is NOT my fault.  STOP....I'm serious.  It was old.  Now if we install a new one (some time in a galaxy far far away when we win the lottery we don't play) and the woofer is blown....then that's probably my fault.  It all stopped working after I'd been driving.  Totally circumstantial.....

All that to say I can resist the CD's I don't have money for until I get a new amp we don't have money for.  Got it?! Good.

So, though I stopped in and picked my daughter up at work, I walked very slowly.  My first day without a muscle relaxant to aid my back in recovery.   Hmmm...little painful...

I didn't do much.  Actually, I directed sorting all day.  I CANNOT figure out how it doesn't look like I sorted.  Well, I guess it did...sorta (See how I did that? Be impressed....did I mention my husband is home and I had to take medication again?)

You want honesty?  This is NOT the normal state of the room, but what it looks like after we pulled everything out and were in the process of getting rid of a BUNCH of that stuff!  THAT.IS.HONESTY.

So now it's 10:00 pm and I have written a post about...well, basically nothing.  I feel so very profound.


I have found out some sad news and I need to share it tonight.  There is a family in need of desperate prayer.  Yesterday, the beautiful mom of fifteen blessings was killed in a car wreck.  Her name was Jenny Groothuis.  I cannot fathom what her family is feeling right now.  From everything I have heard she is just rejoicing with Jesus.  It is the people left on earth that need desperate prayer.  If you would like to aid the family in a tangible way, you can go to the following website.  Thank you for standing for this family in prayer.

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  1. Oh how incredibly sad. We are all praying (((((((HUGS))))))))))))


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