Monday, June 23, 2014

Life, Graduation, and Water (My Ramble)

I've given up apologizing for dropping off the face of the earth.  It's a long fall and I get disoriented.

So much has been going on that I'm not sure where to begin, so on I ramble (with many pictures, so get comfortable).  Please don't expect anything brain happens to be on vacation.


I was talking to my friend Friday at her son's wedding.  So thankful to be there and I loved seeing Adrianne.

Our sweet twins waiting for the ceremony.

 Our oldest, Tom, was best man.  Jael looks so sweet...and then you
have the boys. (Laughing)

Our kids just MIGHT love to dance.

Chris and Brandi

 "All the single ladies!"

She reminded me that I've kinda been flaking on the blog.  She reminded me a LOT more kindly than I just put it (smile).

So, as I'm sitting here nauseous because my nausea remedy is not working because of the medicine for the allergic reaction I had Saturday night/Sunday from sunblock countered it and caused digestion to slow down which caused the nausea in the first place.  Run-on sentence anyone?

So this summer has been insane.  Forget it...this last year has been a little insane.  Our family fits right in with our summer, as you guys all know.

We went from prom to vacation to graduation....

Sarah getting ready for graduation. Check out the tassel!
That's my girl...laughing.

I can't believe our baby girl is a high school graduate.  She
chose to graduate a year early with full credits.  She will be attending Nursing School
in the Fall with a goal of medical missions.

She usually doesn't do the "off the shoulder look, but we were waiting outside 
for pictures (before the ceremony).  It was HOT!!

She's ready to celebrate her 
future of continued service to God.

Lexi and Sarah, both graduating early....and best friends.

Lexi is family and her boyfriend, Caleb, is a treasure.

 Sarah was tagged in this friend's picture.  She's such a goof.  There's
not much trouble spotting her.  They were actually waiting to travel "the
road" to their diploma.  The class consisted of a few over thirty.

Currently, our days are packed as we are still doing home school three days a week, swim lessons, and errands for a family with eleven under one roof.
                                                    Kids getting their safety instructions

                                                              Mrs. Smith and Jael

Anna and Gabe practicing

Mrs.Smith and Bekah

 Sarah and Ben

 She was cold and I must say the look she gave me made me chuckle.

Not to mention two teens now working.  Tom still works at the movie theater and Sarah just got a job at a local Christian store...

Please ignore the need a blade cut...or several.

...and they're both trying to get their license (as they save for cars).

We've also been the recipient of some "blessings of fun!"  We were able to go to a local water park two hours before the park opened with other differently abled families.  Jael and Ben got in free and we only paid $5 a ticket for the rest of us.  We figured it out later that what we paid for all of us, we would've paid for one and a half of us on a normal day.

One of the many beautiful times of the day included meeting a lovely older mama.  She was blessed with eight children from 35 years old to 11 months old.  It makes me do a happy dance to see God forming families in such marvelous ways!

This is the ONLY picture you will ever see of me with no makeup...chuckle.  I needed to prove
I was there.  Check out the dayglow arm.  It makes me easier to find in the dark

There is SO much I have yet to many pictures and momentous occasions. A lot has happened and we have many more "events" to come.

 Yet, I need to start somewhere.

So there's my ramble.  My insane life, fun times, nausea induced ramble.

Flat out, when it comes down to it, I just miss you guys....hopefully...prayerfully...I'll see you soon!

This post cannot go by without mentioning our personal happy dance celebration...that we share with Christians around the world!

Miriam is FREE!!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Did you know that when you don't post, you don't get slammed by and GOMI!!LOL!!! They are nasty!
    We missed you- We LOVE you! We are always praying for you!


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