Sunday, June 29, 2014

Doctor's Advice and a Little Rock

I admit it.  I didn't exactly obey the doctor's specifics about my back.

I came out of the office with a "Take it easy and make your family treat you like a princess this weekend."

So yesterday, I just tweaked those instructions a little.

For weeks and weeks we had talked about going to this huge all day FREE Christian Rock Event.  The kids were so excited that I had decided, as long as I could walk at all, I was going to try.  We made back up plans for the oldest three to be there even if we couldn't, but.....

I took my muscle relaxant/anti inflammatory med and we gave it a go.

The first good sign is that they parked us UBER close.  (Yes, I do love that word.)

That blue tent is the stage.  Thousands come to this
event, so this is pretty good.

We were able to walk only a short while to set up a blanket and my "princess chair".  No, it wasn't pink, but red/white/blue.

From noon until 6:00 we enjoyed the music of several talented individuals....Plumb, For King and Country, Unspoken, Mark Schultz, Group 1 Crew, and Jamie Grace.  Though we missed several great ones performing later in the night..... due to my back and some little's gave the kids a memory that they can hold on to.

I promise I sat down 98% of the time.  Though, admittedly, it was really my only choice (smile).

 Above and below pictures were taken as Plumb was performing.
That was who Anna wanted to see above all.

It started getting hotter and the umbrellas came out as Group 1 Crew performed.

The weather was cooler than normal and overcast, but still hot.  
Thomas and Gabe kicked back and enjoyed the group Unspoken.

Though it's not the best picture, it's a pic of me and my bro (which doesn't happen often).

We were joined later by some friends. Beautiful girls enjoying the awesome music of 
Mark Schultz (the musician I REALLY wanted to see).

Ben enjoyed For King and Country.  He was feeling patriotic though (they were
giving out American Flag bandannas).  When it was at it's hottest, we had
to put him in the stroller to keep him under an umbrella.

 Rachel could not stop moving to Jamie Grace.

The guys (Thomas, Taylor, and Bryan) were chillin'.
 *Minus Steve and our oldest Tom who needed to head out

Me and My Guy

At six my body said, "No more, I will put you into a unconscious state quickly if you 'take it easy' this way any longer."  Home we headed, to food and a bed.  

Today Bekah has a fever and we now suspect that is what Ben had last week (that we couldn't pin down).

Though I didn't follow the letter of the doctors advice, I did "take it easy" and sat on my throne all day.  

Today my back is still heading in the right direction.  I'm resting and relying on my family.  Hope your weekend was blessed friends!

Love my verse of the day #1:  "Love one another with brotherly affection.  Outdo one another in showing honor."  Romans 12:10


  1. Oh no, take care of your back, girl! I think I'd rather give birth than have backpain.

    And are you really one of those organized moms who matches kids' clothes? We might not be able to be friends anymore. . .

  2. I love- For King and Country. Mark Schultz was my first born baby's fave. She would be 38 this year, but died in a car accident 10 years ago. I would have wept through Mark.
    Be careful, those muscle relaxers are sometimes so good you can re-injure your back without even knowing it!


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