Monday, May 5, 2014

I wish I came to you today with better news.  I had planned on it.  I had planned on making sure everyone knew my friend Shelly had made it home safely from the "U" with her four boys who were from the region being taken over by Russia.  I had forgotten to update. 

Her family united...beautiful.

Yet I just read some really rough news that had me in tears.  Shelly (and her husband Brian) had their two year old son wake up in Heaven.  Here's what I and her other friends wrote on Facebook.

Please pray for my friend Shelly. Many of you know her through the four blessings that their family just brought home from the "U". Their son Benjamin woke up in Heaven. My heart is breaking for this precious friend. Our love and prayer...s rest with you Shelly and your entire family.

"Handsome Benjamin woke up with Jesus yesterday. He had a rare genetic condition and passed away suddenly from complications of it. He was so loved and cherished by many, and sounds like he was an absolute joy to have around. Please be in prayer for his devastated family-Brian, Shelly, and his brothers and sisters."

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  1. I am definitely praying for Shelly and her family. That is a heartbreaking loss. If they have a Blog I would welcome the opportunity to support their family through this outlet. Prayers to all


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