Friday, April 4, 2014

Tropical Island Called Perfection

Even before pushing the "Publish" button on the last post a couple of hours ago, I could feel the "fear fog" dissipating.  Oh, it's still in the background and I want to still ask for prayers for my husband and I,  but I don't live on the tropical island called Perfection.

Side note: It's tropical.  I want a beach.

I think I've visited that island for about three seconds every forth leap year.  I pack light.

I've seen the damage it can do, people wanting to reflect perfection and end up making everyone feel inadequate. 

You know, the mom who talks about how their child uses the word "feline" and shies away from any other mere one syllable word....yet they neglect to tell you that they just found their child playing in the litter box.

Ya, that one.

The one that builds life size castles in their backyard while reciting Shakespeare (in their preschool class).  Yet, it slipped their mind to mention Billy got a hold of the marker and colored the toilet seat and before they noticed they sat down on it.


I've fallen victim to that mentality too.  As I've gotten older, I've found what is on the surface is often not what is going on in the home.  They are just as real and just as in need of encouragement and love.

Recently that fact has been brought home to me so much more.  I have some friends going through some rough stuff.  Stuff that God is guiding them to and through.  It's life changing.  Everywhere I go I hear people talking about being bombarded.  So many are struggling, facing decisions that will change life as they know it. 

All we see is the surface though.  We chat and smile and don't really see what is going on in their hearts.  Often they are not ready to share or don't know that they REALLY do matter.

If you face someone today that may seem a little abrupt, snippy, or even the dreaded "mean".   Remember they may be facing things we can't fathom....or worse, they may not know Christ.... and we may be the only person to reflect Him (in their circle) today.

So, fear? Ya, it's there....but there are many that face much more than that..

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