Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Prom Pictures 2014

Yes, We're still sick, but I can feel my body trying to fight it.  It's not fun, but livable.  We continue to appreciate prayers for health.

I FINALLY have permission friends...permission from some BEAUTIFUL kids to post just a few pictures from Prom.

Side note: This was a homeschool prom and was HUGE and elaborate.  Maybe 1000 tickets were sold.  They had fish in the centerpieces and it was a literary theme.  VERY COOL

Our senior and her daddy that loves her SO much!

This is Sarah and her best friend Lexi.  Everywhere they go I get a picture of them laughing.
Tom and his precious girlfriend Sam.

Our oldest went to the Prom as alumni.

Cracked me up!
We had nine teens in the car and were an official Homeschool Limo!

Now this picture was originally taken of a larger scene.  I complained to Sarah that she didn't pose when she got out of the car.  She said, "Yup, I did Mom!" 
She then zoomed in on this picture.  That's OUR GIRL!!!!
They were going for the gold.

We want a hobbit house in our backyard.  Is that wrong?



It's now 10:00pm and my body is telling me I'm WAY old...not just old....WAY old.  Have a sweet sleep friends!

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