Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oh Man....Blick

It's been hectic lately.  I cannot wait to show you the pictures of what's been going on, but I need to have permission first.

Saturday was Christian Home School Prom.  It was beautiful and elaborate.  This was our oldest daughter's (Sarah/17) senior prom.  She chose to go with some girl friends and just have fun.  Our oldest Tom went as Alumni and brought his precious senior girlfriend.  There was 1000 tickets sold....no joke...live fish in centerpieces....beautiful. 

I can't wait to show you the pictures!!!!!

Between dental and doctor appointments....

....we've been getting ready for vacation. 

We have a house sitter, our MANY lists....and as of a couple days ago...A COLD.


This morning Sarah and I woke up with it (yesterday my husband, the day before....Anna).  We leave soon, can you PLEASE pray for our health.  We have a lot to do before we can go on our first vacation in around nine years.  Every little thing (NOT major) that we can be hit with, we have been....and now illness.  We feel AWFUL....blick.

I'm working through the "sick".  I have to.  We all really need to get well though.

Thanks for the prayers friends.  I cherish every one right now and realize so many more people have more serious things going on....but appreciate it.

(P.S. We were given, by two amazingly kind women, eight Disneyland tickets.  Our family will be headed to Disneyland the day after we get there!  We need to get well :)!)


  1. Praying! And get everyone on extra Vitamin C, D, a GOOD probiotic, and Thieves Oil on their feet or back of the neck 2-3 times per day. ;) Surely this will help,LOL!!!

  2. Praying! Also, give everyone extra Vitamin C, D, a GOOD probiotic, and Thieves Oil on their feet or spine 2-3 times per day. SURELY, it will help, LOL!! ;)

  3. ((((((((HUGS))))))) and prayers!!
    Love you ALL!


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