Sunday, March 23, 2014

This Weekend, Birthday, Intensity, and Prayer

I am typing with my eyes closed.  I am...really.  Kinda curious what this post will look like when I open my eyes, but I'm too tired (after a three hour nap) to be terribly bothered.  I've been up for an hour, but I think the evil viral Strep has taken it's toll.  My mommy brain says, " know you like it.  Come to me precioussssss.  Sleeepppppp."  Yup, that sums it up.

Friday was World Down Syndrome Day (3-21....three copies of the 21st chromosome).  I had all kinds of moving profoundness to share.  Strep stripped me of it.  I sat contemplating why the chicken really did cross the road.  Enter sleep deprivation.

Truthfully though, I forget I have a son that has Down Syndrome.  You see, Benjamin is just our son.  He just is.  Down Syndrome is a part of who he is, but does not make him.  He is not a Down Syndrome child.  He is a child with Down Syndrome. 

The stereotypes of kids that have Down Syndrome have made it to my ears many times. "They are SOOOO sweet."  "They don't have an angry bone in their body."

Ummmm....unless you know of some modern day robots....ya, totally wrong.  Ben has good moods, bad moods, ornery moods, sad moods, joyful moods, and every mood in between.  Again, I have to stress this....he is a child that has Down Syndrome.  Down Syndrome does not create a personality in him.  It does not make him, it is only a part of him.

Ignore the blanket in front of the window.  We needed more "dark" for a
 little that had Strep.  Poor Gabe....

This weekend has been fairly busy.  We FINALLY celebrated (a couple of months late) our daughter Anna's 13th birthday.  We had a girls night with her three besties (shout out to Farrah, Hannah, and Carissa!).  They went to dinner and a movie.  It was a simple time with the girls and they enjoyed it.

Ya, I got one some goofy silly girls.  They may just kill me for posting this.  I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!  The goof face was on purpose!

Today we went to Church. Is it just me or does the master of lies mess with you a ton before Church?  NO JOKE....I very literally pray the night before and first thing in the morning for protection.  We plan, lay clothes and shoes out, and all we can do to get ready the night before. Yet, shoes still get lost, kids wake up with the grumps, things are spilled and diaper's are messy....and obscure things happen, most Sunday mornings.

I entered Church this morning though...with wet hair...athletic pants, a hoodie, and flip flops.  Reality is that walking into praise and worship my Heavenly Father HAS to trump dry hair, nicer clothes, and warm shoes.  We got there.  I celebrated.

After Church we celebrated Bekah's 8th birthday (only a month late). 

When illness or injury hits, we postpone so that we can thoroughly celebrate...all of us.

We usually don't eat out.  Truthfully we are that awkward family with allergies here and there, different diets, and now add gluten free to that.  It's not easy...or financially feasible.  Yet, we decided getting our house clean was less feasible after a week of Strep.  We ate out.

Though you can't see it, we hunted the earth for an Elsa Doll (Barbie size).  It was one
of only two small things she asked for...."if it was ok".  She is the most grateful
little girl.

Tomorrow is Monday,  we have physicals for some and then get down to homework.  It's getting harder as we get closer to vacation.  Our minds are wandering and I've actually thought of just going into the summer.  It's been SO long since we have had a vacation and we are so excited.  House sitters are our only option with our "zoo" and lined up.  We also feel it's safer when we leave our house. We are just tying up details.

The house in Southern California has been rented for seven days.  It was cheaper than a hotel with an added plus of being able to cook.  We have reserved the hotel rooms for our trip there. 

Did I mention that it's been SOOOOOOOOOOO long?!!!

In case I didn't....

It's been SOOOOOOOOO long!!!!  Seven to nine years too long!

I have some goals I'd like to meet before leaving though.  Today those goals are kicking me a tad.  I'm a little discouraged.  It's a private goal that I just am holding in my heart right now.  I appreciate prayers that if it is God's will be taken care of.

I also have a middle that is struggling with telling themselves "it's too hard" with many areas of their life.  It's a cycle occasionally, but it's hard to watch and we know how beautifully capable they are.  I appreciate prayers for this child as well. 

Tonight I write the eclectic events of our lives.  Yet, there are concepts and events that spiritually have become so much clearer.  There are also situations with others outside of our immediate family that have broken my heart and my mommy instincts just want to wrap my arms around them and take away the pain.

This week has been profound and eye opening.  Hopefully I will get to a point where I can share.  Right now the heaviness for others is pretty intense though.

For now it's 9:00pm and I need to get a few things done.  Hugs friends....

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