Monday, March 3, 2014

Rice, Bob, and the Ramble

I'm sitting here, waiting for rice to boil and then to cook for 45 minutes. I then need to bag it and throw in the freezer. Yup, my night life is WILLLLDDDDD!!! Hold me back! I may start boiling a couple of dozen eggs soon!

Yes, I know. No guilt trip. I've been incommunicado for awhile.

You see, I'm mental. That's about it.

I feel like I'm behind on this blog. I feel like to write I need to "catch up". I don't write until I "catch up". I don't feel like writing the "catch up" posts. I feel guilty. I discipline myself. I then get mad at myself for disciplining myself (I'm rebellious like that)and then....I refuse to write.

My mind is like a maze with no end. No one gets out.

So, I'm boiling rice right now.

Life has been super full lately. I've missed my "family" here though. I figured, you've put up with me for this long, I need to chat more.

You can run now.

Ok, lets start with why I'm boiling rice.

Once upon a time in a land far far away there was a stomach virus/cold. It didn't like my family. A matter a fact it was so strong and beastly it attacked the one little guy that had really never gotten sick here.

Poor Benjamin....

What does this have to do with rice you say? Everything....

While sick we changed Ben's diet to what he could keep down. That happened to be certain items that didn't contain gluten.

Do you see where this is going? (head on desk)

My son's (warning: gross factor) diaper all of a sudden became tolerable. I mean how wonderful can a diaper full Ok, it was better than the puddle on the floor kind we had dealt with periodically.

We did a happy dance...and then we realized what this meant.

My greatest fear (ok, really my 827th greatest fear) had been realized. One of my children was gluten sensitive. Man...

Can you see my lovely long grain brown rice now?

This hit when I was somewhat motivated. I don't know why, but...I'm guessing God did it, cause my motivation has been reserved for ANYTHING but cooking. It's not that I don't like it. It's just that at the end of a long day, it struck me like a monkey throwing a bag of M&M's (forget the banana) at my head. It smelled good, but was painful.

Yet I threw my mud and snot covered super cape on and said, "Hey! Why don't we all try it! It sounds like a jolly good time!" (Insert the troll song here.)

Yes, I wonder what someone slipped into my tea.

So we are committed (no, that doesn't involve doctors and locked doors) to two months gluten free. I had to learn to cook it, so I sucked everyone in.

Side note: I promise this post is not just about rice, gluten-free, and insanity. Ok, maybe insanity.

Soooo, all of that was to say we are now on a two month long experiment.  I suspected it might help another one or two of my family as well.

At two weeks, my husband no longer has migraines. My head fog has lifted and my endurance has increased drastically. Ben's diapers are....MUCH better. Gabe (our sweet four year old) is allergic to everything. He would wake up with snot (explains the super cape) running down his face for HOURS. Allergy medicine makes him mean and grumpy (like mommy on allergy meds). He no longer has ANY snot in the morning. The snot has been going on for years.

So now I cook rice to make rice cereal in the morning. I am not "the cook", but somehow I've had to hone my inner Martha Stewart.

As the rice continues to boil and boil.... I'm sleepy.

We went to a museum on Saturday with the local Down Syndrome Guild. Six free tickets is a major blessing here! The kids had a blast and we had a blast just enjoying them. We sucked Tom's beautiful friend into our dementia as well. She has now been initiated into the insanity.

Max isn't mad.  The sun was in his eyes and mom demanded a pic anyway.


On this table (below) is actually a touch game.  The kids actually had a blast playing.
Talk about a cutie.
Ignore the glowing eyes.  It's normal for us.

No need for a caption.

Right now life seems to have taken on a life of it's own. Let's call it "Bob".

Bob is preparing for our seventeen year old to graduate in just a couple of months. Bob is also trying to plan our first vacation in nine years (with part of our tax return when/if it gets here :)).

Now follow Bob's bunny trail.

Do any of you feel guilty when planning a vacation? Man, I do. I'm excited, then the guilt. We KNOW the needs of so many. We've been there. Yet, after this last year we PROMISED the kids a vacation. With our back to back adoptions, the kids willingly put everything aside. It just wasn't important. Vacation is nothing compared to life. So this year we decided the kids needed to decompress. Jonathan's death and then Benjamin's transitioning (which is going much better by the way)....they were rough...hard...painful...a battle.

So vacation (with a little guilt added) here we come!

We have family in Southern California and with the hope of Disneyland...we plan on heading there.

I'm stressing just a bit tonight.

 Silly...but there's a lot of us and it would just be to crowded to crash on a family floor. Right now we are looking at options and trying to find discounts. It looks like a house would be cheaper to rent (off season)than to stay at a hotel, but DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THEY COST?!!!! (Running for the hills!) Then brilliant me looked at prices for Disneyland...(just regained consciousness on the floor).

So, we plot and plan and wait for taxes to come in someday (which we are using a portion of). If you guys have any suggestions or knowledge of where we can get discounts...we are all ears (haven't opened my eyes yet after passing out).

Can you believe the rice is STILL COOKING????

So how's everyone doing you ask? (Maybe it's just the voice in my head. You know how I am when I'm tired.)(Telling Inga to be quiet.)

Things really are good. We've full on recommitted hard core to home school. I had to tweak curriculum seriously. My kids all learn differently and online Math was NOT good for two of my middles.

Jael is ROCKING her prosthetics with knees. Ben is seeking me when he cries (even when he's mad), so it's pretty sweet. I LOVE this sweet place.

Am I rambling enough?

I'm fading fast blog world....

Friends, I miss you. It's easy to isolate when you are wading through trauma from sweet blessings.

Actually, I know satan is using that tactic (divide and conquer) with MANY right now.

 I can't do it. I can't allow it. So I'm back. It's not profound or particularly insightful, but it's me.

Catching up will come when it comes. For now, "Hey, how you doin'?"

Quick Prayer Requests:
*Please continue to pray for the "U". Putin is flat out invading. His dream of a reunited U.S.S.R. is not let go so easily.
*Please pray for my friend's little girl Alyssa who was recently diagnosed with cancer. She's fighting with everything she has.

*Who is going to bet I read this in the morning, find a bazillion mistakes, and think it doesn't make as much sense as it does tonight?! Ya, thought so....



  1. Okay, since you updated the blog, I'll take the time to leave a comment here rather than my normal FB comments to you.
    Your vacation is going to be fun and memorable, I am just sure! What a wonderful experience for all of you. :)
    I'm happy you seem to have found something that helps y'all with how you're feeling, but especially for Ben and Gabe. Nothing like a necessity to take us from novice to Martha Stewart.
    Loved the pics of the kids having fun at the museum!

  2. Thank you for the long, informative post. I appreciate that you took time out of your busy schedule to update!

  3. You have got to invest in a rice cooker.... They aren't that expensive and will save you a ton of time... Just dump the rice and the water in the cooker, push the button and walk away... Come back 20 minutes later and it's ready... :)

    Love you girl!

  4. Welcome back friend! I've missed your crazy rambling lol. I hope Bob settles down for you ( What About Bob? What does it mean that I can't help thinking of that movie when readingtthis post? !), I'm glad gluten free is showing such positive results, and I totally get the vacation thing. We haven't been on a vacation in eight years (since starting our first adoption journey) unless you count that quick trip to TX which was really for a job interview (but we did squeeze in Sea World). We had been saving this last year to go on a family trip this summer, but then, well ya know, we heard about this baby who needed a family. Grin. Vacation postponed again. :) I think it's great you are getting to make these family memories! !!


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