Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rage, Doctors, and Toby Therapy

Yesterday we got to enjoy one daughter's "fun" experience (oh yes...the joy of having to go to the doctor)....

......and a trip to Olive Garden provided by my mom.  I gotta say, their gluten free stuff is YUMMY!  For the first time in weeks I ate WAYYYYY too much. 

A little blurry, but it is SOOO my goofballs!

At Olive Garden, for the first time at any restaurant (in the entire nine months home) Ben had a melt down rage at a restaurant.   Tears came, then the rage....he clinches is fists, screams, and just shakes from rage.  There is no violence or anything even close, but BOY he was ticked.  This is rare at any time, let alone in a restaurant.  It didn't last long.  I was about to take him out after about 30 seconds (how long it took me to stand up), but tried a food distraction first.  Food or drink almost always works.  It did....as it does with most boys (wink...chuckle).  Really, it can often be hard "reaching" him when he gets to that point.  We're not 100% sure what caused it, so avoiding the trauma landmine again may be tricky.

Ben has made some definite jumps lately though.  He blew me away a few days back. 

To my side I heard VERY clearly, "Bekah!!!!", but didn't recognize the voice of the child that said it. 

Yes, it was Ben.  He did it again.  He has since tried to say it on command.  He has NEVER said anything but "Hi" when we ASKED him....let alone said any siblings name....or more than a few words.

We really want to focus prayer on Ben's speech right now.  We see connections being made.  When our little guy was younger, no one cared to listen, so he saw no reason to speak.  He now makes mostly random sounds/grunts/verbalizations and has had an issue with seeing the necessity of speech at all.  He communicates predominately by pointing and such.  Something is happening right now though.  God's blessings are so cool to watch!

We appreciate any and all prayers in this area.

 Then we had today. 

My heart has been heavy for some friends going through...REALLY rough stuff....heart wrenching, life changing, stuff.  Do you guys have times where you just walk around with an uber heavy feeling?

Ya, that was this morning.  The master of lies wanted this morning, but we were determined not to let him have it.  God is all powerful and HIS Might trumps ALL else!

I turned on praise music in the background as I taught the kids this morning.  You guys know me, God uses music as a balm for me.

I actually found myself celebrating a tad that my oldest forgot something for work this morning.  (Did I mention he has a job at the local movie theater???)

Why would I celebrate that? 

Come on....you can guess this! 

Think car....alone....and the stereo....

Yes, "Showstopper" may have found it's way into the stereo.  It could have possibly.... maybe vibrated some windows...maybe.  (I'm hoping the woofers still work tomorrow.)

Some people have exercise, chocolate, or aroma therapy....I have music....loud music.  Ten minutes of decompression was all I needed.  I am THAT 42 year old head banging mom you see all alone in the 12 seater beast of a van. 

I may have just gone home and exercised after that (don't judge me....laughing).  

So, I'll leave you with my decompression music by Toby, my buddy.  Ya, he doesn't know me, but I know him.  He's my therapist.


  1. Praying for Ben

  2. o gosh ! that music ?
    This is what makes me relax and feel better... Just the opposit ! ;)
    too funny for words ! ;)


  3. Oh, Praise the Lord for Ben's speech improvement!!!
    I'm supposing that "Bekah" must be an easy name to say, as it has been some of my students' first or second word.
    It is a word that melts my heart, coming from these precious little ones!


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