Thursday, March 20, 2014

Late Night, Doctors, and ZZZZZZZZ

"I have a headache, Mommy" at 11:30am yesterday turned into a raging fever last night. 

It also turned into me scrubbing down my bed.

Did you know that the gluten free spaghetti noodles are flat and look a little (LOT) like tapeworms when thrown up.  Just sayin'....thankful for the iron constitution that I was born with.

Sarah (our second oldest) is my mini super hero too.  She came in, was not sick from seeing me dripping (didn't I mention that?), and was immediately trying to clean up.  I stopped her (one of us covered was enough), but she is going to ROCK as a mom!

Poor Gabe...

He (and Max) had a physical today anyway (and Ben a normal appointment), so it was perfect timing.  Interestingly enough, we went into one doctor appointment and came out with three referrals.  One for each child...and we found out why Gabe was so sick.

Gabe has Strep, our arch nemesis that rampages through our house for months.  NOT THIS TIME MY RED THROATED FRIEND.... or should I say FIEND?

I'm a little tired.  I am.

I could be seen swinging my arms wide open (and spinning) this morning when a couple middles started bickering.  A version of "Let it Go" echoed around the room.  I vaguely remember it had a line about mommy losing her mind if the bickering continued. 

Ya, they giggled.  They like when I'm tired.  It's like a day at an amusement park.  They never know what's going to happen next.

ANYWAYYYY...excuse my bunny trails.  I'm easily....SQUIRREL!

Back to earth Inga...

So tonight we clean up the couch (seriously, poor Gabe) and I try to stay awake while typing.  My eyes are now closed.  Not looking very hopeful.....

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