Thursday, March 27, 2014

Four Mondays, One Week

You might have guessed that yesterday was the THIRD Monday of this week (after reading yesterday's post).

What is UP with that?!!!

I woke up after a night in bed with two sick kids who just felt rotten :( I was a little bit sleep deprived.  We are now up to four with Strep.

One middle was spiraling down behavior wise from the moment they stepped out of bed (could definitely still use prayers).

Then we had the first fire situation of the day. 

She willingly shares this, so I have no issue naming said cutie.  Anna wasn't feeling great, but put frozen rice (we freeze half sacks of rice to use off and on during the week) in hot water.  She walked away though...and forgot the rice. 

Anna is our cook.  She is GOOD and this had never happened before. 

It happened on this THIRD Monday of the week though. 

I walked in the kitchen and smoke was pouring from the pan.  All the water had burned off and the smell of burnt plastic filled the room.  I quickly turned off the burner, threw the pan in ice water, and had a long conversation with Anna about staying in the room when food is cooking/dethawing on the stove.  Never again....

We ate breakfast and my phone rang in my hand.  I didn't recognize the number and knew that often it is a doctor.  It was.  Our Ben has Giardia.  You can look it up, but it's a nasty parasite that makes diapers a mess and smelly....REALLY smelly.  It can be hard to diagnose, depending on the severity.  It is also VERY easily passed.  Though we see no signs of it in the other children, the youngest four will need to be tested as well just to be safe.  We know the signs though.  Three children have come home from overseas with it.  Ben is the forth.  It just took longer to diagnose this time.  It's awesome we got a diagnoses, but I must admit that I'm not doing splits in the air for digging through more...well...poop.  I think I'd be disturbed at someone who did (cringing).

During this call, Ben decided to act up.  He started the manic laugh and putting everything in his mouth.  He's a smart cookie.  He knew Mommy was distracted.  The problem was everyone was tired and my awesomely attentive older kids who are great helpers....well, pulled a brain hiccup and weren't.  Again, unusual....

I was trying to talk to the doctor while miming/signing stop to Ben.  No one was paying attention to my wildly waving arms, except maybe the airline flying over head as I directed traffic.

I got off the phone sorta not happy.

We quickly fixed leftovers for lunch and hopped in the car.  We needed to drop Tom off at college, go twenty minutes to the doctor for more testing kits and then forty minutes to the only place that had the medicine we needed for Ben. 

After an hour in the car I finally let the kids put on a movie. 

Side note:  The ONLY reason we had a DVD system put in the car was due to Jael's amputation surgery and medical appointments.  We knew we'd be spending tons of car time.

I gave in.  Half way through the movie the back screen (remember we have a twelve passenger van) went black.  I thought, "Shoot, maybe someday we'll have it replaced."  I thought this until Anna and Gabe (sitting right under it) yell, "MOMMY! There is smoke POURING out of it!"  I quickly looked for somewhere to pull over.  There was nowhere....not even a shoulder.

Then the scream that clinched it.  "MOMMY! I SEE FIRE!"

I pulled over as far to the side of the road that I could.

Long story short, we got it out and everyone is fine. Though I will say we all have a scratchy throat from the smoke.

We were exhausted when we arrived home.  After dinner my husband headed out to the place we had it installed (and we had purchased it).

Here's the thing.  We had it installed less than three years ago, but more than our two year warranty covered. 

Their response?  You can expect normal wear and tear.  It's not under warranty anymore.  We're not responsible.

Ok, so here's the thing.  If it had broken, THAT is normal wear and tear.  Smoke and flames? Not so much.  Somewhere either in the item (back screen) or in the installation is an issue.

My faith in the ethical behavior of mankind took a small hit last night. 

I wrote them an email letter this morning (it's a huge corporation).  I truthfully hope they even act apologetic over the fact that their product burst into flames over the heads of two strapped into a car seat (eight children total in the car).  I pray they don't get many emails like this.  No anger, just logic, ethics, and a tiny bit of faith that maybe the right person will get this email and forward it to the right person.

I'm pretty much done right now.  You know the feeling of just being "done".  Ya, I'm there. 

Today WILL NOT be another Monday.  (Did I mention mid post that my computer shut down and I got the "blue screen of death".  Ya....I forgot to mention that.)

I hold onto the saying, "Don't tell God how big your storm is.  Tell your storm how big your God is."  Our storm isn't very big in the big picture, it's tiny comparatively. 

Praying for all your storms friends, small like ours or huge and life changing....

Tell your storm HOW BIG YOUR GOD IS.


  1. God is big! You are in our prayers!

  2. Oh Kat! I hear you girl, I hear you. But up until the screen fire, can I confess that I was giggling out loud? Esp the frantic arm waving to somehow get Ben quiet while you are on an important phone call.

    I can jist relate--too much! !


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