Friday, March 7, 2014

Can't Brain...The War of Laughter

After yesterday's busyness...

Jael had her physical.  Doctor fun...ya...ok, physicals are never fun.

and discovering almost all of our blog pictures entered the Bermuda Triangle....

I stumbled across a couple of pictures of our Valentines Day.  

Since I can't brain today....

I thought I'd share with you this year's Valentines war.  Yes, it's war now...and boy, after this year...I AM.IN.TROUBLE.

I was sick, so my husband thought I didn't have it in me....and chuckled as he did this.

*The back of the car says, "Honk if you love your spouse." I hadn't checked the back, but after the billionth time someone honked at me, I decided I'd better check.

Our brilliant plot was just about to begin. 

The funny thing is, we had a mild "funny" that he was supposed to discover and think we were done. It was supposed to be a distraction for the main event.

He didn't discover it until....everyone in the office was asking him, "Are you sexy and you know it?" 

You see, I had changed his ring tone and set it on full volume.....and I was SURE he would catch it (since I did it last year).  Instead he had gone to a meeting and left his cell on his a huge bay...where around thirty people were still working. my defense, this was just distraction and he was supposed to find it!

What we had planned was SOOOO much better though.  I must say it is a CLASSIC and I kinda deserve the retaliation next year will hold (bwahahahaha).

This is Thomas' car in his work parking lot.

It is filled with pink and purple balloons.  ALL the balloons in the front were filled with glitter.

I called him at work and told him he might want to head home early.  He laughed and said, "OH.NO....WHAT did you do?!!!"

At around 5:15 he called.  He was COVERED with glitter.  It was about then I mentioned that it was only the balloons in front that had glitter.  Whoops....

He couldn't find one of his phones until we had popped all the balloons. 

Was laughing so hard I.COULD.NOT.BREATHE.

Yup, I'm toast next year.

P.S. Our oldest daughter had joined the Valentines Day war and reset the screen on our computer with about a MILLION Memes.  She said, "Mom, my future husband is in so much trouble.  He's going to be all sweet and romantic...and not going to know what to do with our practical jokes.  I love Valentines Day!"

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  1. You guys are officially crazy! ;) Who has to clean all that up?! I'm not a prankster-I think too much about the consequences. Oh and Jael-that smiling face gets me every time. Most beautiful smile! !!!!


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