Thursday, March 6, 2014

Allergies and Frozen (a Flashback)

For the first time in forever (singing Disney song now) I woke up with allergies this morning (and freezing). 

Side note: Forever = A Few Weeks

Side note: I'm a little melodramatic this morning.

The heater was set higher than usual last night and occasionally that will kick my rear.  I'm thankful for that heater though.  BELIEVE ME....

Last December taught me that cold is, well....cold.... and that we are pretty creative when it comes to entertainment in a pinch.

Fifty-one and a half hours without electricity that month in the biggest freeze in our city's history...

(Picture the screen going blurry and it fading into a flashback.)

December 6th, 2013

Obviously, the house was still warm at this point (no jackets).  The kids were all excited at the "cold adventure". 

Gotta say it...God's creation is pretty beautiful.


Our neighborhood looked like a tornado hit.  MOST houses had tree damage.  Many trees just split down the middle.  We'd never seen anything like it.

It started to get cold, but the "word on the street" was that electricity would be on soon.  We toughed it (picture the leather jackets and temporary tattoos).

Night time was the hardest.  It was ferret shivering cold (very literally).  We pulled a bunch of mattresses out, all the extra blankets we had, and hunkered down together in the living room.  As long as we were under the blankets, it was warm.  I now sympathize with those with old fashion outhouses though. 
You could find cats and dogs under blankets. 
We had some FUNNY night time moments. 

You can ask our oldest son about shouting, "Chuck Norris?!" in his sleep and then "BRING IT!!!"
Ya, we're THAT tough.
Instead of "Where's Waldo?", we played "Find the Cat".  See it? Sadie (aka Grandma Kitty) was one smart cat.

Those fifty-one hours taught me to appreciate the heater.  They taught me that we can get pretty creative with the "Twelve Days of Christmas" as well...and board games...and goofiness.

(See the shimmering picture fading back into the present.)

Now to curl up on the couch and get some home school knocked out.

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