Saturday, March 8, 2014

Advantage #1

Well, sometimes in life you just have to "deal".  It's not pleasant or fun.  It just is.

I looks like all my pictures previously on my blog will have to be reloaded...if I can find them all.  I'm thinking it will probably take six months to a year.  Prayerfully I will find our external hard drive with our missing adoption pictures.

Yet, I need to see the blessing...the good in this (smile).  My blog posts (and blog itself) will undergo much needed editing and be updated. 

I started yesterday with the "Family" tab above.  Believe me, it NEEDED updating.

So if you want to see the start of the updated blog....



  1. Hi Kat to get low resolution "thumbnails" of your lost blog photos Google image search your blog URL everlastingmomentum dot blogspot dot com
    You may get other images that are there because your blog URL is on others sites but you can then expand the wanted Google thumbnail photo, right click it and "save image as" to your local drive as a sample of the lost images.

  2. :) Happy that your pics are back, but I sure enjoyed the updated family page!


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