Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saying Goodbye, the "U", IMMANENT PRAYER REQUEST

January first...that was the last time I posted.  It was the first half of a two part review of last year.  That was a Wednesday.  That Sunday I planned on publishing the second half.  That Sunday I received news that my grandmother had decided to discontinue dialysis.  Everything we planned kind of stopped.  My grandmother lives a few States away.  The time was then filled with plans to try to get my mom out there.

My grandma was told that IF she chose, she could still continue dialysis as late as Wednesday of that week (remember it was Sunday).  My mom was to fly out on Wednesday and see her mom that night.  Tuesday night I called my Grandma.   

Several things she said to me will stick with me.  She loved God so much.

She said, "Honey, I feel bad because today I didn't get to read my Bible. (Grandma LIVED in God's Word EVERY day.) I just don't feel up to it."

"Grandma," I said, "God has written His Word on your heart.  He's right there with you."

No one knew that Grandma would leave a lot sooner than anticipated.  She died in her sleep that night.  The conversation was a gift.

I think we expect our grandparents to join God first.  Yet, often when we lose them on this earth we lose an amazing source of wisdom and a great example.

THAT was my grandma.  There was almost NO ONE ever I have met more ready for Heaven.  She's walking with Jonathan now.  More importantly, she's walking with Jesus.

This is my grandma and grandpa before I knew them. 

Then I felt like my figurative "writing well" went dry.  The door was closed and I could not get words down on my computer.  Something happened (possibly for another post) and the flood gates have swung open.  I still am a little reticent though, as I search for the heart and direction of God. 

Several "catch up" posts are coming ("Part II" and "The Big Freeze").  Others will come as God impresses on me.  I have one simmering as I write this.

Right now I have some pretty serious and intense prayer requests for a friend of mine.  I need to back up a little to share her need for prayer though.

Have you heard what is going on in the "U"?  The people are standing in protest against a slow government slide back into the communist era.  They are standing against corrupt laws and standing for basic human rights, such freedom to say you don't agree with the Government.  It's bad.  It's really bad.  Friends of our (now home with their new blessings) stayed only blocks from the main square in the capital.  Gunfire was constant and the sounds of bombs exploding.  The government riot police have killed protesters (and others are missing).  Our friends were told not to go outside as there were snipers on the roofs.  Some protesters are being sentenced on the streets, with no judge and jury (one for three years).


Here are a couple of links.  Many of the stories being published FROM the "U" are now being blocked.  The article about the man who was stripped and beaten (and humiliated) in the snow by the government anti riot police...has been removed.  Here are a couple that are still up.

This is a basic overview.

A letter from a volunteer medic.

Our family has many we deeply care about in the "U".  Many natives there that have burrowed into our hearts. 

We also have precious friends that have just moved there with their entire family (they fell in love with the country and people) to minister to the people of the "U".

Here's a blog post from the Kim and Jed.

I did want to tell you about one friend though.  This is the prayer request the title of the blog refers to.

I have a dear friend there right now.  The Burman family is adopting four...yes, I said FOUR...blessings.  Right now she is safe...away from the extreme protesting.  It's not just in the capital though.  There is now no one place that is 100% without risk.

Blue/yellow...Under protestor control
Red... Seizure was attempted
Pink.. Mass protests happening
Blue... Under government control
Yellow dots... Football players (soccer players) are supporting protestors

They had an issue getting a court date (one signature).  Their court date was cancelled.  Tomorrow...Monday...they will be requesting a new date (the paper has been signed).  With the country in turmoil, with being separated from her family in the United States, this is hard....beyond hard.  Everything is limbo.  PLEASE pray for the Burman family.  Please pray they issue a court date TOMORROW for early this week.  PLEASE pray that they pass with no hiccups. 

Nothing is sure right now...only that God is bigger than any of this.

Lastly, their family stepped forward....following God...without being fully funded.   They are close compared to where they were and have come a LONG way.  They still need approximately $5000.  If God directs you, ANY money is a blessing and will take them one step step closer to the financial side not weighing on them.  Thank you.

A Place to Give....

I will be writing again.  I've missed all of you.  I'm not sure how quick or often.  I'm listening....trying to truly listen to God right now.  Hugs to my bloggy friends....

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