Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sweet Memories....Christmas Handcuffs

Yup, they are back (shaking head sadly). 

Don't remember the story? 

December 8th, 2010

Oh, it came and bit me. I should have known my husband and I's Valentines Day goofiness would come back to haunt me.

Did it haunt him? No, of course...it haunted me.

For those of you that know us pretty well, you may remember that my husband and I mess with each other pretty bad on Valentines Day. The goal is to embarrass each other, not the bad embarrassment, but the "shake your head, I can't believe you did that" embarrassment.

It started when we lived on a fourth floor apartment in Germany. I looked down.  Snow covered the ground and was a couple feet deep. Written in six foot tall letters in this flawless snow was, "I HEART KAT". Well, through the years there's been "I love Kat" spray painted on my winter lawn, a van full of balloons, and many MANY stories I'm not even going to tell.

So one Valentines Day, when my husband was driving someone else to work, I placed a pair of fuzzy red handcuffs on his rear view mirror. See, it backfired right off, he left them up for awhile and who did it embarrass (very purposely)...me.

Well, somewhere down the line my husband took them down and tossed them in our room in the bottom of a random box. We hadn't seen them since they came out of his car YEARS ago...until today.

Today, our sweet glowing Anna was giggling with overflowing excitement. She skipped into the room...so very very happy and excited....

"Mommy!", she tripped over her words almost giddily,"I didn't know we had Christmas Handcuffs!!!!"

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  1. Giggle
    I would have loved to have seen you explain your way out of that one! :)


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