Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Surgery Done!

Ben's surgery went wonderful! They are now just watching him.

They placed the ear tubes and there was lots of thick fluid.  The hearing test (placed after the tubes) shows he is in the low normal range. Yes! He should be hearing better very shortly once the fluid drains.

He's in pain, but highly sensative to narcotics.  They've had to alter his pain control plan.

Even with the pain, he's wanting to be active.  Keeping him down should be interesting (smile).

Please keep several others in your prayers.  Many are hurting this season or needing prayer cover.

The "T" family is currently on their first trip to the "U".  They are adopting three blessings, one being at Ben's institution.  It blows me away how God is touching hearts for these boys! They are such blessings! Please pray for protection over their newest children, their "processes", their children at home, and both of them (as this is not easy).

Another "Lost Boy" mom, Julia, is in the "U" helping another family.  Can you please pray that the last passport comes in so that they can head home? The time has been blessed, but it's time for home.

Please also petition for her close friend who just lost their child in an accident.  Please pray for comfort for the family.

Lastly, please pray for a 20 year old named Audrey.  She was in an auto accident just before Thanksgiving.  She is now in a coma with brain swelling.  Her younger brother is a friend of our oldest and she is an acquaintance of our two oldest teens.

Thank you for continued prayers for our Ben, family, and others. 

I will leave you with a picture of Ben in recovery and in the room.


  1. Awesome!! Ben's looking amazing. Prayers still going up :)

  2. Wonderful news!! Our Pauly just had his 3rd set and he has hearing loss in one ear. :o(
    Love the new testing! I want the other 4 boys to get it too!


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