Monday, December 23, 2013

Court in the "U" Tomorrow

I have a ton of goofy pictures and fun to share, but right now a friend lays heavy on my heart.

Tomorrow in the "U"  friends (the "T" family) are going to court to be declared parents of a young girl. 

For those of you that have followed all our journeys, you have walked with us through heavy pain, drug withdrawal, satan's attacks, neglect, and abuse of our children and ourselves.  It's a battle.

You've seen darkness.

Of all we have seen, the institution this young girl is at is one of the darkest imaginable.  As we hear about it, our spirits feel the weightiness of the darkness surrounding and infesting this institution.

Please pray for the "T" family.  Please pray that they pass court easily and quickly.  Please pray that the ten day wait is waived for them.  If it is, they may be able to get custody within days after court.

Lastly, please pray God's light blows away the darkness... shattering it and fills this institution with HIS light!!!

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