Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013~Beyond Blessed (Part One)

We are beyond blessed and we are filled with joy. 

Even up to Christmas we just spent as much time as we could with family.

We enjoyed the gifts the Father gave us as we were laughing with the children.  (We did a lot of laughing.)

Through the blessing of a family member we went to a matinee at the local theater.  "Frozen" was on the agenda.  Even Ben enjoyed it...until he fell asleep (smile).

Our oldest daughter spotted Thorin and Legolas on the way out.  Remember I mentioned laughter?

We had some friends stop by....

Watching a Veggie Tales Christmas movie and reading a book....

...and were reminded of the gift of a little baby...Jesus...through a precious blessing of God.  We talked with the children.  Reminded them how tiny Jesus must have been.

We made ornaments...

Ya, my pictures are slightly blurry and few.  Completely forgot to take all but one...since we were having so much fun.

We made sugar rush trees.  Wait, I mean sugar cones covered with green icing and yummies.  (Ok, sugar rush trees.)  I blame Sarah for this one....and Pinterest.

Even my oldest ("No Pictures Please") could be talked into the sugar...uhhh...making of trees. (above)

Proof that my 17 year old Sarah will never want to see frosting again. (above)

Oh yah, and Ben may have gotten into an almost scraped clean frosting container.

Yah, she's scaring me.  We witnessed the death of a tree. (Laughing)

We baked cookies...the BEST COOKIES EVER...peanut butter Hershey's kiss cookies.  There are NO pictures....the swarm of locust came and devoured them.

Basically, we just enjoyed life with the kids.  This was our prelude to Christmas.  Crazy and fun...
leading up to our celebration of our Savior...and His newest gift to us....Benjamin Alexei Jonathan.
To be continued....

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