Thursday, October 10, 2013

We're Going Home

"We're going home, Ben. We're going home."  It rattled in my head...almost echoed.

When I stopped walking, the tears would start.  "Hold on honey, we're going home."

Those simple words that were not heard by Benjamin until almost ten years old. 

"We're going home."

The death of Jonathan had made this surgery into something more.  The reality that God's ways are not our ways...and we long for HIS now so crystal clear to our family.

In March, Jonathan heard in the voice we long to audibly hear, "We're going home, Jonathan."

Today, as I pushed Ben in a stroller, I said it to him.

When was it that we decided that "hard" was not a blessing?  Other children lay with rotting mouths and dying...

I thought today, "How could I ever say no?" as I held shirtless Ben snuggled to my chest (hiding his face).  How could I ever deny this blessing? 

Yes, his surgery went wonderfully...flawlessly.  Versed was given.

The oxygen tube, inserted through the nose...went in easily.  The IV was placed the first time. The Cardiac Echo was done (though no results for a week).  All of Ben's baby teeth (malnourishment prevented many adult teeth from making a showing) were removed.  He has two adult teeth and one in the back of his mouth that they have saved.  There are four adult teeth on the bottom that they are still attempting to save.  He will have another surgery on his gums in an attempt to save the teeth and help his gums. It's unknown whether any more adult teeth will appear due to the extensive rot.

Easy? No...

Blessed? Oh ya....

So today, when I assured my tearful son (who still fears being given away), that "We are going home."......

I was reminded how many children have not heard those words because it just seems too hard.


  1. with tear stained face and understanding of your words I send you both hugs

  2. So happy to hear it went well! You know I think they almost always fear that "home" could be taken away from them. The concept is so foreign to anything they ever knew. It's hard to describe to someone who does not even know there is a perfect home awaiting us all :o)

  3. We were praying for you guys and Ben especially. This post made me cry so much! I so believe that is the heart of Jesus, for Ben, for all of us, to be rescued, safe, wanted. My little guy had surgery this week too. I had all those same thoughts, we take u home this time, you're not alone anymore, you have FAMILY waiting for you now. Such hard and special moments. Thanks for making me cry this morning! ;-)


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