Monday, October 28, 2013

Tomorrow Morning~Court in the "U"

Tomorrow (at 7:30 am central) our friends Mehgan and Caleb will be in court. 

In the rural village in the "U" they will be seeking to be declared the parents of Boden (Heath).

Can you please join us in prayer?

*Please pray for court to go wonderfully. Pray that God will give Mehgan and Caleb the right words.  That they will be declared the legal parents of Boden.
*Mehgan has been having some stomach issues and as you know stress can aggravate things. Please pray that her stomach has NO issues before, during, and after court (this is a legitimate concern).
*Please pray for Boden's health and protection while they are apart.

After court Caleb and Mehgan immediately leave the village and return home for the required ten day wait. 

Thank you for the prayers friends.

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