Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Surgery TOMORROW....Ben

I went to the hospital last week with Jael and planned on posting every night.  Exhaustion took over though...

It was beautiful, awesome....and exhausting....(not to mention two cars breaking down, but that's another story.)

By Tuesday, when things were supposed to be back to normal Ben woke up with half of his jaw swollen.

It was decided to bump up his surgery to tomorrow (was October 30th).  He will be having all of his baby teeth removed (due to rot created by extreme neglect) with the possibility of his adult teeth being removed as well.  They won't know until they get in there.

He will also have a cardiac echo to check for a possible small hole in his heart.

Ben has never been under anesthesia that we know of.  There is a possibility that we will need to stay overnight due to his narrow airway as well as several other things.

I'm only about half coherent right now (this was SOOO fast!) and am typing this on my phone.  Please keep Ben in your prayers tomorrow and this coming week. 

This surgery is on the road to healing, but will be painful.

Thank you friends.

P.S. The pic is a sneak peak at my future post on Jael.


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