Monday, October 14, 2013

In the Arms of Family~Boden

Today, thousands of miles away, across the oceans...a family was formed. 

They could've said their family was complete.  Three precious children, two girls and a handsome little boy...but God had other ideas.

Could they have sat back, remained comfortable? Yes, of course.  It would have been easier than the path they are on.  The path that has led them across the world, to a foreign country, to a rural village, to a adult mental institution.  Comfortable? Nope.

We met our Benjamin there.

Our Jonathan died there. 

Remember these pictures?  The joy on Ben's face? 

Yet it was not easy.  We faced drug withdrawal...and the effects of institutionalization.

Mehgan and Caleb traveled through the green gates of the

Boden has been in their arms and they are now waiting for a court date.

Can you please cover them in prayer? 
*For blessing and smoothness in this process.
*For attachment and healing to come quickly for Boden
*For strength for Mehgan and Caleb.  This is not easy.
*For a quick court date.

Thanks friends....I will share pictures when I get the green light.

Praising God here today!!!!


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I have been praying for little Heath, and am so happy to get this good news!
    Though I haven't had time to write anything recently, I am still praying for Ben and your family daily, and checking your blog for updates.
    Thank you for posting!!!

  2. So thankful that another lost boy has been found. Praying for him and his new family right now.


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