Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Though I've edited this some, Mehgan shared with me the craziness of their day in court.  Wow....when I've said the "U" is notoriously unpredictable......


They got to court and the guard at the door told the facilitator that their judge was sick.  The facilitator had heard nothing about it previously, so she was a nervous wreck. Going upstairs, she found out another judge would preside.

Ten minutes after court was supposed to start they found out the prosecutor (which is at every court proceeding) said that getting a substitute was against the law.  They had to call the regional office, try to get a doctor letter signed confirming that the initial judge would be hospitalized for an extended period.  That took forever. The facilitator said that Mehgan and Caleb would probably just have to go home to the States and come back in a few weeks!

She finally had to share with the court that the Drakes would lose thousands of dollars because of the flight.  The court then had to confirm that.

Finally they were able to actually have court! They rocked it!!!

The prosecutor was said to be very intimidating. It seemed to be easier  because the social worker/now friend was there and Boden's caregiver.

They diliberated  about twenty minutes before declaring Boden a Drake!!!!!

Side note: Mehgan's stomach was fine all day.

They left immediately after court and (after driving many hours) have now just arrived in the capital city.  They will fly back to the States in the wee hours.

God is SOOO good!

They are now a family of six!!!


  1. Praise the Lord!!! I am so happy to read this, and so grateful for your keeping us updated on this!

  2. Wow. How nerve wracking! God is so good!

  3. I am so happy for them that they passed all the requirements - both expected and unexpected - and now officially have their son. Praise the Lord!


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