Sunday, October 20, 2013

Boden (Heath) and a Little Bit of Benjamin and Family Update

As  the phone rang at 8:00am and I saw the caller ID "Mehgan-U" (the blessing of Magic Jack) I was immediately surprised.  This was earlier than usual.  Just before I quickly answered I prayed, "Please let everything be okay!"

When I answered and heard the emotion in her voice, I took a deep breath. 

Don't worry, it was joy that exploded from her voice (sorry to mess with you, but it was true).  Boden (Heath) is doing some REALLY good stuff.  I don't want to share without permission, but believe me. 

Each day in pictures we watch a diligent and loving Daddy hold Boden in his arms.  Each day in pictures we see a passionate and adoring Mommy reach into her son's heart.

Three things I can share (just a tidbit)...
Boden is seeking his parents. 
He LOVES big Fall leaves (a little guy after my own heart).
He has got the BEST dimples.

Happy Happy Happy Dance!!!!!!!!!

I've talked about this before, but adoption is an echo (though feint compared to what God has done) of redemption. 

I'm witnessing this in Boden's journey as well.  I cannot wait to share his precious smile!!!  No joke, this little one is AWESOME! 

Let me tell you.  It's hard holding my tongue.

Until then, I want to ask for a prayer request on their behalf.  You guys know what prayer does!  Our "bursting at the seams" family is a testimony to that.  Many of your lives are SUCH a testimony to that as well!

Tomorrow a necessary individual in the "U" gets back from vacation.  Tomorrow everything has to fall into place perfectly for a court date this week (possibly Thursday...the facilitator said a miracle is needed).  There is a paper that may or may not work.  There are many people that will need to be there for court.  Another is still on vacation, but she can send a representative.

There are so many things that need to fall into place.  The "U" has a notoriously unpredictable timetable. 

The sooner they have court, the sooner the required ten day wait happens (it is usually not waived in this region), and the sooner they can bring Boden home.


Now for another little boy from the "U".

Mini Ben Update

He had a follow up surgery appointment this last Friday and his mouth is healing wonderfully. 

We have been doing the adoption dance this week.  Unlike the happy dance, this one is a little more rough.  It's often necessary (in the big picture of trust and attachment), not unexpected, but rough.  We had taken quite a few steps forward in the last four months and this week we took some big steps back.  No, not all the way to the beginning thankfully.

Several factors played into the "steps back".

*The Surgery: Ben woke up after surgery (though groggy) and they had not brought me back yet.  This is a scary thing for him.  We believe he was afraid he wouldn't see me again. When I came in after surgery he cried a little and buried his head in the crook of my arm.  He fussed every time even the car stopped at a light on the way home.  He just wanted HOME.
*The Rain: We have been through a very hot dry summer.  Water restrictions were even put in place locally.  We had occasional rain that lasted not much more than an hour (or was overnight), but last week we had DAYS of rain.  This makes Benjamin's insides go nuts and (what we call) misfire.  It brings back so much residual fear.  From what we can piece together, they were never allowed in the rain.  They were placed (in rain, cold, or snow) one room (it sounds like) with small boys (5/6 year olds) to grown boy/men.  This was where Ben (we much is conjecture) did NOT feel safe.
*Small Virus:  We know the antibiotics have thrown Ben's tummy off.  We believe that they killed the good bacteria in his tummy and we are now trying to replace it.  On top of that we think Ben may have had a mild virus (which throws ALL of our kids off).
*Our Routine: Our routine has been all over the place with a week in the hospital with Jael appointments and Ben's surgery last week.

Throw all these factors in a melting pot and steps back can be expected. 

We DID received some very happy news though!  Ben's heart is fine.  The cardiac echo came back and there is no hole in his heart (as was suspected). 

We now continue on the journey to healing for our little boy home now four months.  We have an Ophthalmology appointment this week and in the next six weeks....
*A surgery consult (setting the date) for Ben's gum surgery.
*One surgery on his gums and an attempt to save his bottom four adult teeth.
*One surgery taking his adenoids/tonsils out and tubes put in his ears with an extensive sedated hearing exam to see if he needs hearing aids.
*A big appointment to get therapies started (it's a maze to get to this point).
*Prayerfully therapies will start once a week. 

As I've said before it seems for every appointment we have, we need two more.  We're getting there though.  We see an end in sight for some specialties.

Our other children are doing good.  They love school and (especially the littles) ask to do more after they are done.  The last couple of weeks everyone was a little grumpy and scattered, but we were all recovering from our schedules having been off.  We thrive on routine here.  Ya, now that's funny when life is just not always predictable (smile). 

There's so much more...attachment stuff, "Fight, Flight, or Freeze" in home school, Jael learning to walk with her knees, our first day of home school (last month)...just so much.  I'm a little behind. 

Thank you guys for hanging in there with me...and reading this mishmash of facts and celebrations. 

Starting back into the routine now.... 

Thank you for sticking around (and for prayers) as we still wade through the first six (that's what it usually is anyway) of the most transitional months with our newest blessing home. 


  1. Thank you for posting. I am thrilled to hear of the progress on Heath, and so thrilled to hear an update on Ben! Your sacrifice of time to keep us all updated on him (I know you are so busy)means so much to me. I love knowing how to specifically pray for him, and for all of you.
    THANK YOU!!!

  2. Love reading your updates! :) PRAYING! It can be so hard when things seem to be going well, and sometimes things can change in an instant. Praying God continues to restore what the enemy tried to steal. BACK OFF- satan you can't have it! PRAYING!!!

  3. (((HUGS))) an prayers :o) You are always on our mind!


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