Sunday, September 29, 2013

Journey to Another Lost Boy

Has it really been ten days since I've posted? There's so much to say, but right now I can hardly keep my eyes open. Some things that have been happening are hard, but God holds us so close during trials. It's awesome to watch God work...always.

I'm not sure if I'll have time this week to post, because...well, it's gonna be a busy week.

This week Jael and I will be in the hospital (while she learns to use her prosthetics with knees). Thomas (thankfully) will be working from home.

There is just so much to do that I can't get my mind wrapped around what I am missing.

Yet there's something happening that I need to share. 

A few weeks back, we were privileged to meet a beautiful family and (I truly believe this) life long friends. 

Look at all these crazy kids! It was late and they were all a little tired (and distracted).

Not a great pic of me, but Mehgan looks SO cute, so I'll live with it (smile).
 Not only are they completely nuts (which is a requirement for our friends), but we have a road in common that only a handful of people have walked. 

Next week they are heading to the institution where Benjamin lived and where Jonathan died.  They are heading out for their first trip to the "U". 

They are going to meet their son.

He's lived for twelve years...twelve...without the love of family.  His name will be Boden and he is loved by some beautiful people.

Once they arrive in the small town/village they hope to purchase some things locally to aid these children...and boy/men.    Fresh fruit or clothing...anything to help....

This is a mental institution.  All help is HUGE....

I write this because I want to give all of you another opportunity to help the "Lost Boys"....our boys...because they will always be in our hearts.

Until the time they travel for their second trip, our PayPal button will be set aside SOLELY for them.  Money can be donated to the Lost Boys or to their family (to help defer the unexpected costs that are a normal part of adoption in the "U").  Please specify....

I will be directly transferring money to them every couple of days (they have a PayPal account, but not a donate button).

Though I'm running and can't think straight...this is something I didn't want to forget.  They are lovely and they will be on a journey that will change their lives forever...and the life of one precious little Lost Boy.


Their blogging journey can be found here....

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