Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another Hospital Day and No Nudity

It took three months to get in.  Today we finally had Ben's genetics appointment. 

What I didn't realize was they...well...ROCKED! 

I did not just get genetic counseling for Ben, but saw a social worker who helped me maneuver through a mishmash of services that Ben will qualify for.  A friend (Shelly) had walked me through some before Ben came home...but this gave me even more direction.

We also...
*saw a nurse specialist.
*had an evaluation for Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy and given contacts for home bound therapy.
*were referred to Ophthalmology.
*had more labs for Thyroid and his official chromosomal panel.
*had a representative from the local Down Syndrome Guild visit with us.

What started out with what we thought was just a meeting with a geneticist ended up being a lot more. 

Ben held up like a trooper and charmed everyone. Even more important, there was no nudity in the public restroom.

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