Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Financial Aid Saga...We Appreciate Prayers

In in big picture...the grand scheme of things...this is NOT a big deal.  I have friends struggling with SO much right now...cancer...fighting insurance companies for their children...hurt children struggling...job loss....etc. etc. etc.

It is part of our life though and you know me...I talk.  It feels so much better to share our insanity instead of keeping it to ourselves.  Don't you feel special? (wink)

Soooo....about eight weeks ago, after returning from the "U", we made the attempt to enroll my son in our local junior college.  Should it have happened earlier? Of course!  Yet, I know you guys "get" why so much flew from our minds earlier this year.

This should have been plenty of time for the necessary financial aid (for our son to pay back once he finds a job) to go through...but....

*We put in out scanned tax return which the website said we could do.  It was denied.  They then stated (by phone) it had to be an electronic copy of our tax return. This took awhile for them to tell us.
*We downloaded the electronic copy of our tax return.  We turned it in.  They denied it saying that wasn't acceptable and we needed to request a tax transcript from the IRS that takes 7-10 days to receive.  They said then (by phone) to bring it in.  All this took awhile too.
*We received it, brought it in today and were told they would only accept it by email or fax once my son submitted the wrong thing again purposely (WHAT????) and it was officially rejected.  THEN we could submit the right one.  NO JOKE....

Ok, so...with the first day of school only six days away, we were told that his financial aid would not be approved in time.  (Ya, I kinda figured that one out.)  We were then told we would have to pay half of his tuition ($450 + $25 registration fee + books) this week.  Ummmm...truthfully, if we had the money we would not have allowed him to apply for financial aid.  I'm not sure they understand that.  Do we usually have savings? Yup, but during the adoption process we use what we have. 

Now, it is true our son is responsible for his own college, BUT he has been applying for jobs and not been able to find one.

Did I mention that he needs to be a full time student (from what I understand) for medical insurance coverage?  Ya, maybe I forgot to mention that.

I'm a tad stressed today and maybe...just maybe I contemplated banging someone's head against the wall (primarily my own).

Anyway, could you please pray for this?  I know it's not a big deal in the huge scheme of things.  Other things are WAY more important, but....feelin' a little "rollercoasterish" right now. 

Appreciate you guys joining my roller coaster...smile.

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  1. That is ridiculous! It sounds like you are back in the "U". We have friends who have been long-term missionaries there (21 years) and we have heard some stories! Anyway, do you have ANY inkling that this might have anything to do with Tom being homeschooled? If so, contact HSLDA. If not, may God grant you the patience to endure this red tape! PRAYING!!!


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