Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mini Medical/Dental Update

Most of you that follow this blog know the saga of trying to get Ben's teeth fixed and cardiac echo done (home six weeks from the "U"). 

For those of you who are new to this blog, his teeth are black (down to the nubs)...rotten....from ten years of severe neglect in an orphanage and mental institution.  His heart MAY have a hole in it.  He is precious and a trooper.  It's been very traumatic and the last visit (though necessary and done tenderly) sent him into a tailspin. 

We had a second appointment with another children's hospital.

Classic Ben style, he surprised us.

Our beautiful oldest daughter....doin' the "Ben" face.

Oh, he got mad and fussed at them, but THAT.WAS.IT.

The nurses were gentle.  He looked for us occasionally.  He let them take x-rays.

Our little man surprised us.

Don't judge the hair cut (smile).
Last Friday Ben had his appointment with a children's hospital to talk dental strategy. 

They will pull all his baby teeth, not knowing what is going on beneath them (how far the rot goes).  Two of his adult teeth will also have to be pulled.  Six of his adult teeth they will attempt to save.  Beyond that we just don't know.  With his neglect, will his adult teeth come in?  No one seems to know.

They are not currently scheduling surgery until November, so (knowing the severity of Ben's situation) they have put us on a cancellation list.  If anyone cancels, they will put us in their spot.  The cardiologist says to schedule the surgery and she will make sure her schedule is clear.

Are Ben's insides going crazy after another appointment and the "buddy board"? Yes, and because of the birthday "party" (no matter how small it was) the next day.  He has reverted to waking with manic laughter and smiling when doing something he knows he's not allowed to do (non appropriate emotion). 

As my Aunt Betty said, "One step forward and two steps back sometimes."  Progress is still there and being made though.  Occasionally we get five steps forward and two steps back.  He's hurt, he's wounded and he's learning to trust.  We are NOT perfect parents (FAR from it), but we will continue to fight (and pray) for healing.

(and maybe dance a little bit)

"Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus." I Thessalonians 5:16-18Personal Prayer Requests

Immediate: Please pray we are able to get Ben's teeth fixed and heart echo QUICKLY and that the results are good. Please pray an opening happens and we get the "call" soon.  Ben also has a sleep study this week to see if he has the suspected Sleep Apnea.  Prayers would be appreciated for this as well.

Ben~At Home: That he continues to seek love, attaches, and finds a healthy stranger anxiety.  That he learns to stop aggression to himself and others.  That he learns the value of listening to mommy and daddy.   Finally, that he learns to play with toys (imaginative play) and be a child that he has never had a chance to be.
Me: For healing emotionally and for health (I'm struggling with stress related things due to the situation in the "U")...for patience and that I am not easily angered or critical (feeling a little grumpy...blick).

The Family: Please pray for each child's emotional, physical, and spiritual health AND PROTECTION.  That Thomas feels rested and for his professional life (blessing).  Please continue to pray for a vehicle (or a way for a vehicle) to present itself (see previous post about the unnamed prayer request) and finances.  Our house needs to be fixed (foundation and roof) and we hope someday to expand (possibly convert the garage) in order to have the room if God calls us again.   Please also pray we find a new and hopeful "normal".

Prayers for Others
Please forgive us if your prayer request is not listed.  We may not be sure if you wish us to share it.  Please shoot us an email and let us know!

*Please pray for a precious friend of mine.  Their newest blessing just had a EKG and Echo and it didn't turn out good.  This is all I am able to share right now, but please petition God on their behalf.  He knows who they are. 

*Please pray for Selah, who had a very serious stroller accident.  Please join us in storming Heaven for a miracle of complete healing.  Please also pray for peace that passes understanding for her family.
*Please pray for Tommy, a tiny 15 year old from Eastern Europe.  He is very special needs and has only recently come home. 

*Please pray for Eden, a little blessing from Ethiopia, who has a life threatening disorder.

*Please pray for Henry, Teresa, Joey, and Rex's families as these precious ones went to be with Jesus within this last year. 

*Please continue to pray for Ruby, Jeremiah, Katie, Carrington, Selah, Daniel, and Wes.  These little ones came into their families with health difficulties (this is an understatement).  A few were caused by severe situations of neglect or malnourishment (or both). 

*Please pray for our friends the “K” family who is struggling with attachment and other situations.

*Please pray for my friend Jodi (and family) as they have grown by two precious boys recently.  Please pray for their health and for heath situations with all their blessings.

*Please pray for Eliz and her family as they transition with their many new blessings.  Also for her grown children and their healing as well.
*Please pray for Gena (and family) and their teen son. Please pray for him to come to know CHRIST.

*Please pray for the "S", "P", and "D" family.  Members of their families are fighting for their lives against drug addiction.

*Please pray for young Emma as she has recently moved to Uganda to minister to those beloved children of God and now has a precious son through the blessing of adoption.

*Please pray for Molly and her family as they seek a precious one from the "U".  Please pray for the process to be smooth.  Please pray for their son, their family, and the finances as they continue.

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