Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hagan...Emergency Spinal Surgery

I heard her laugh in the front of an attachment seminar.  She has the BEST laugh. At two different tables, not knowing each other, we were the comedians of the group (or at least we thought we  Later, during the conference, we officially met.  We found out we had been following each other's blogs like forever or something (and that's a long time).

This morning I woke earlier than planned (my oldest may find the locks of the house changed for waking me up early this morning as he got ready for college...just sayin'  I'm actually glad I did (don't tell my son).  I peeked on Facebook. 

Jodi's son, Hagan, is having emergency spinal surgery at nine o'clock this morning.  Would you please join me in prayer for Hagan to have a successful surgery?  He is such a precious blessing of God.  You can check on Hagan on Jodi's blog or I will post updates as I see them on this post (below).

Jodi's Blog

Update: Hagan is now out of surgery and his parents are waiting to see him.  It was more complicated than they originally thought.  This little boy is such a miracle!

Blog Updates by Jodi!

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