Monday, August 19, 2013

Gabe, Hives, and Stomach Blick

Allergic Reaction?  Hives all over Gabe's face and starting to travel all over body? WHAT? 

The only difference in his diet today....two....TWO gummy bears.  It could be a surface allergy, something he touched, but as far as we know NOTHING has changed.

He was SO itchy on his face and his legs had started itching.

They gave him a steroid shot and eventually added Benadryl.  My husband says it's starting to fade BIG TIME.  I think so, don't you?

Poor Gabe...poor Thomas see we dropped off the face of the earth for a reason.  After an insanely busy week we were hit with a full on, lay you out, up all night vomiting, stomach virus.  Thomas and I got it first and are still on the tail end of it.  Our Sarah is showing some signs of it.

We have much to, doctors appointments, plans, attachment work, and prayers.  I have tons of blog posts running through my head, but I can't seem to get them here.  Someday (smile)....

I'm behind in emails again as well....and my house...and home school planning....

but that will change soon (smile).

Hugs and thank you for the continued prayers (especially since we don't know what caused this)!!! 


  1. That looks like scabies to me!

  2. Poor baby! I've had systemic hives before and so have two of my kids. So not fun! The itching can drive one batty! Glad he is doing better. Prayers for ALL of you to get well and stay well!

  3. Scabies won't get on the face... and it isn't that sudden coming on.
    Has he been near poison ivy? Yesterday several of us worked on cutting back our blackberry plants for the winter, and this morning we already have poison ivy. But we knew it would happen..... :)
    It affects each person differently, and while some never get it, some of us get it on our arms, legs, feet and hands, and one sister gets it like little blisters all over her face. Mother gets huge welts on her legs.
    I hope Gabe is much better today!


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