Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fair Warning....

Since yesterday I started a more serious set of posts (brain mush serious), today I thought I would do a little bit of "catch up". 

We've had little spots of fun, medicals, and such that I haven't gotten around to sharing.  Though you're probably going, "Whew...thank you." I'm not letting you off the hook.  Ya, I'm cool like that.

I've had post after post running through my head, but some discernment and prayer is due before I write and post them, so today is a "I have no urge to think and I'll look at pretty and goofy pictures" day.  Lucky you....


If you know me, you know "half price" is a big red flag for me (stopppp....back it up).  With a large family I have to keep my eyes open. 

Being in the "U" and being away from the kids for four weeks was hard.  When we got back we started really looking for some way to take the kids and teens out for a day of fun...one that we could somehow afford.  It ended up Thomas had to work, but the kids and our friends had a "fair" time. 

I'm so punny....

Side note: Yes, you will notice one little bit is absent from most of the pics.  She had made some not so good choices for over a week and had to "sit out" the rides.  Urg...no fun, but sometimes necessary as a parent.  The good things is, attitudes have changed and things have been going much better since.

This trip needs a decoder key (SOOO many people).  You have to hold the computer to a mirror and turn it upside down to read list.  Ok, you have to admit that would be cool if I could figure out how.  But wait...did you forget who you're talking to?

ƖƖ/ɥɐɹɹɐℲ puɐ 'ƖƖ/ɥɐuuɐH '9Ɩ/ıxǝ˥ (spıʞ ɹno ɥʇıʍ spuǝıɹɟ ʇsǝq) spuǝıɹɟ ʎlıɯɐɟ ɹno puɐ '(puǝıɹɟ s,ɐuu∀) ƐƖ/ɐssıɹɐƆ '(puǝıɹɟ s,ɯo┴) 8Ɩ/ʇʇoɔS
(ㄣ/lǝɥɔɐɹ puɐ ǝqɐפ 'ϛ/lǝɐſ 'ㄥ/ɥɐʞǝq '0Ɩ/uǝq 'ƖƖ/xɐW 'ᄅƖ/ɐuu∀ '9Ɩ/ɥɐɹɐS '8Ɩ/ɯo┴)
:spıʞ ɹnO
Ɩㄣ/ʇɐʞ '(ɐɐɥɐɥɐʍq˙˙˙ʇsɹıɟ oƃ oʇ sʇǝƃ ǝɥs os ɹǝplo s,ǝɥs) ɹǝqɯ∀
:(ǝlqɐuoıʇsǝnb ʎʇıɹnʇɐɯ puɐ pǝɹnʇɔıd ʇou) sʇlnp∀
 :sɹǝʇɔɐɹɐɥƆ ɟo ʇsɐƆ ʎǝʞ ǝɥʇ oʇ ʎǝʞ ɹǝpoɔǝp

Oh...I AM that mean. 

Ok, I'm not....

Decoder Key to the Key Cast of Characters:
Adults (not pictured and maturity questionable):
Amber (she's older so she gets to go first...bwahahaa), Kat/41
Our Kids:
(Tom/18, Sarah/16, Anna/12, Max/11, Ben/10, Bekah/7, Jael/5, Gabe and Rachel/4)
Scott/18 (Tom's friend), Carissa/13 (Anna's friend), and our family friends (best friends with our kids) Lexi/16, Hannah/11, and Farrah/11

I even thought I'd make it a little easier with arrows.

Or maybe I was just entertaining myself....

I'm thinking this should be captioned "DUDE!"
Hannah had me laughing when I saw this.  Our friend's kids are just as weird as ours. 
You should be worried.

(Above) I always forgot which side you got squished on when I was a teen (ya, takes a lot of brains to figure out...sarcasm).  My friends MAY have taken a little bit of advantage of that. 

 My husband and I (when engaged) MAY have been the first ones on a ride similar to this.   My husband MAY not have realized that it went upside down and over.  That MAY have been the one time I've ever heard my husband use colorful language.  I want to say I felt guilty.  I wish I did...really...kinda...ok, I'm laughing even now.

 Now we're getting to one of my favorite pictures.  I LOVE this one, but....

The above picture and the below picture blew us away.  Amber and I had asked (begged) the teens to go on the ride with the littles, slightly afraid we may cause damage to the ride...laughing.  As we watched we witnessed blessing...joy...Benjamin, only two months out of a mental institution, laughing...screaming....ecstatic .  We sat there and started crying...not pretty crying....
I even had a sweet woman ask if Ben was my son.  Between hiccups and sniffles I told her the story. 

Ok, we really were thankful for the teens being so willing to not let us break the rides.
Yup, all the kids just may have enjoyed a little bitty car that went around in a circle and moved up and down about three feet.
We headed out for a picnic during the heat of the day.
Someone was ready for food. Oh...Ben was too...

Sarah's face...enough said. 
 I think this was the best part of the day.  Did I mention it was HOT?







Carissa and Anna...bubbled up after the fun house!


Gabe with Bekah in back.

We did this a lot (Max and Bekah).

We've taught young padawan Rachel well.  She looking before she backs up.
Now, the next and last ride, I stood under taking pictures.  That made me dizzy enough.  I LOVE rides, but wasn't feeling too hot this day...shhhhh.  The kids thought I was crazy: if a ride leaves bruises and leaves you only slightly disoriented, I consider it gentle.  They've given up asking me, "Should I go on that one mom?"

Anna was a little nervous, ok she looked nauseous.  I'm a horrible mom...this picture makes me giggle.  Ohhh, she went on the ride two more times, but was terrified each time...laughing.  That's my girl!
Tom and his friend Scott.
You'd never believe that yesterday these two became college students.  Their faces.....

It really was fun (and hot, in case I didn't mention it) to have a day for the kids to just have a blast. 

God's timing was impeccable considering I got a stomach virus the next day.  Every moment we just get to laugh and make memories is a blessing I will forever be thankful for.  Also, the pictures can make it into senior slide shows and weddings...all worth it.


Personal Prayer Requests

Immediate: Please pray we are able to get Ben's teeth fixed and heart echo QUICKLY and that the results are good. Please pray an opening happens and we get the "call" soon.  Ben has hit a wall with learning NOT to do a couple of behaviors.  We would appreciate prayers for a break through.  Last, a different child is struggling and could use prayers for sensitivity toward others.
Ben~At Home: That he continues to seek love, attaches, and finds a healthy stranger anxiety.  That he learns to stop aggression to himself and others.  That he learns the value of listening to mommy and daddy.  This is so important for safety.  Finally, that he learns to play with toys (imaginative play) and be a child that he has never had a chance to be.

Thomas and I: For my healing emotionally and for health...for patience and peace to be more consistent within my body and spirit.  For Thomas and I to retain and utilize some more therapeutic techniques in our parenting. For Thomas to feel rested/strength and for his professional life to be blessed.  For a private prayer request on my heart IF God wills.

The Family: Please pray for each child's emotional, physical, and spiritual health AND PROTECTION.  Please pray we find a new and hopeful "normal". Please continue to pray for a vehicle (or a way for a vehicle) to present itself  and finances.  We are blessed beyond many in this world...but (as with many) sometimes things happen where expenses are all at once.  We just don't see a way, but know God does.

Prayer for the Future
Our house needs to be fixed (foundation and roof) and has for awhile.  Other things have taken priority (our children coming home...smile).  They need to be fixed.  We also hope/pray (IF God wills) someday to expand (possibly convert the garage) in order to have the room if God calls us again.   We don't want new or perfect, just room IF God wills. 
Prayers for Others
Please forgive us if your prayer request is not listed.  We may not be sure if you wish us to share it.  Please shoot us an email and let us know!

*Please pray for a precious friend of mine (the "A" family).  Their newest blessing just had a EKG and Echo and it didn't turn out good.  Please pray also for their upcoming nuero test of their little one. This is all I am able to share right now, but please petition God on their behalf.  He knows who they are. 

*Please pray for our friends who are facing health issues that I can't share about here.  They are serious and need prayer for healing, as well as protection against the constant attacks.

*Please pray for Selah, who had a very serious stroller accident.  Please join us in storming Heaven for a miracle of complete healing.  Please also pray for peace that passes understanding for her family.

*Please pray for Tommy, a tiny 15 year old from Eastern Europe.  He is very special needs and has only recently come home. 

*Please pray for Eden, a little blessing from Ethiopia, who has a life threatening disorder.

*Please pray for Henry, Teresa, Joey, and Rex's families as these precious ones went to be with Jesus within this last year. 

*Please pray for a friend's wife from college.  Her cancer has returned.  Please pray for "S" and the "N" family.

*Please pray for my friend "L".  She has dealt with some extremely hard and painful stuff with a family member (really ugly) and this family member has been diagnosed with cancer.  Please pray for her as she travels this hard road.

*Please continue to pray for Ruby, Jeremiah, Katie, Carrington, Selah, Daniel, and Wes.  These little ones came into their families with health difficulties (this is an understatement).  A few were caused by severe situations of neglect or malnourishment (or both). 

*Please pray for our friends the “K” family who is struggling with attachment and other situations.

*Please pray for my friend Jodi (and family) as they have grown by two precious boys recently.  Please pray for their health and for heath situations with all their blessings.

*Please pray for Eliz and her family as they transition with their many new blessings.  Also for her grown children and their healing as well.
*Please pray for Gena (and family) and their teen son. Please pray for him to come to know CHRIST.

*Please pray for the "S", "P", and "D" family.  Members of their families are fighting for their lives against drug addiction.

*Please pray for young Emma as she has recently moved to Uganda to minister to those beloved children of God and now has a precious son through the blessing of adoption.
*Please pray for Molly and her family as they seek a precious one from the "U".  Please pray for the process to be smooth.  Please pray for their son, their family, and the finances as they continue.


  1. Okay... this is how weird I am... I actually was able to read the code without mirror or turning the laptop upside down before realizing that you provided the answers right below. All those years of homeschooling and grading papers while sitting across the desk from my kids have paid off. Skills, baby!! LOL!

  2. Yeah so those pictures of Ben on the ride made me cry too so I can only imagine how hard you were crying! Love all the pictures!


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