Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Toby Does it Again

Ya, I'm one of those moms and this is what I do.


  1. I danced along! Hope that's o.k. LOL!!
    I wish I'd videod (my last 4 to grow up) when the Wiggles first came out. The house bounced from them dancing- they danced and sang Wiggles for 6 years!! Now they are 18-20-22 and 23, and don't tell them- but the Wiggles are in the trash! I was Wiggled out! But their dancing was great! They'll never dance for me like that again! LOL!!
    We don't have any dancers now, except for Samson!

  2. Too precious to see all those happy children!!! Ben is HOME!!! And HAPPY!!!! Yah!!
    -Beka =)


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