Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Prosthetics, Clinics, and the Attic

"Mom...I think I hear something in the attic." 

"That's fireworks honey."

Ya, I think I should have gone for the rabid rat angle.  It would have been a lot funnier, but I'm tired.... REALLLLLY tired.  Like "I woke up LATE at 6:20 in the morning had to get eight kids out the door in an hour and ten minutes to drop them off at grandmas and spend the entire day at the hospital with two littles and our oldest daughter" tired.  You know?  Like REALLLLYYYY tired.

Just in case you didn't catch that.  I'm "laying in the bed unable to think of a rabid rats angle" tired.

Ya, I got it.  You understand....

Just making sure....

I sat up this morning looked at the clock (6:18am) and yelled, "Oh no! I was supposed to wake up 20 minutes ago!"  Never the way to start out a morning that ends with rabid rats in the attic. 

Today Jael had her big Prosthetic Clinic appointment at a local (AWESOME) children's hospital.  Since I knew it would be a long day (and I was taking both Jael and Ben), I hijacked our lovely teen (Sarah) to help.  (She's priceless...just sayin'.)

We just MIGHT have left a little late (with the rabid rats and all, who could blame us).

As we pulled up to said hospital little Jael screams in joyous tones, "WE'RE HERE! WE'RE HERE!"

Was it getting away from the rats (come on, just roll with it) or excitement because this is the BEST HOSPITAL EVER?  Ya, probably the latter.

As always, Jael's initial appointment is FILLED with doctors.  Literally, there were probably between 8-10 there.  They are so good with the kids and...well...she is pretty cute.

Jael walking for the doctors, nurses, and just about everyone.
The appointment in itself was quick.  They had Jael walk and could see she had mastered her current prosthetics.  Mastered may be an understatement.  We're thinking Olympics.
They also took a minute just to look at Ben.  Our prayer is that we can get whatever aid we can with him at this hospital.  They even have a clinic for teeth that our prayer is to be referred to.  The suggestion was our International Adoption Pediatrician refer us directly to the Pediatric Disability Clinic here and from there we will go where needed.  It's was nice to get a little info on Ben today as well.
At the end of our appointment, we found we would need to come for new prosthetic molds later today.  It was time to start working towards legs with knees.  Jael is SO excited.  Her current prosthetics were actually bothering her some, so they needed to make adjustments to those as well.
To kill time until the next appointment, we went to have lunch with daddy at work and celebrated that dear friends of ours just happened to be at the hospital too today!!!  It was good to see our friends Donna, Rich, and Jacob.
Jael's legs were bothering her and until the adjustment, she wanted a ride.
I think Sarah could "sense" our rat problem. 

Our final appointment of the day was at 3:00.  As our Prosthetist got everything ready, Sarah and I got really deep.  Who doesn't enjoy analyzing art?!
It was very intellectual.
Notice the bottle nose or the school of fish?

I'm a little stumped at the cow though.  Any ideas?  Too profound for me.

Check out the jelly fish.  It may be my favorite.
The following one is the kicker though.  We have pondered the depths and can't come up with the answer without Googling.
Since I know your brain must be hurting from the strain of the deep thinking....
It was finally time to start on the next leg of the journey for Jael...knees.
Little Jelly Bean is ready to go!

After creating the molds, refitting her previous prosthetics, and trying on her new sandals (we're painting her toenails for the first time tomorrow), we finally were able to head home.
I may have been a little tired.  After all, we closed down the place.
So after a long day and hearing rabid rats in the attic, I am realizing this post may be a little odd.  You guys are all used to how I get when I'm tired, so I'm not really worried.  I won't remember this in the morning anyway.
"Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting wats."


  1. There are cowfish and sailfish, I'm betting those are the ones from the mural. Either that or I'm stumped, too. Yeah for great doctors!

  2. Great post, and a busy day for you guys! I "think" the co is a sea cow (another name for a manatee)? And the other one - no idea....maybe something to do with sail fin tuna (sailboat fin tuna?) but probably something far more clever than that. I'll check back to see if anyone else figured it out! What a fun way to lighten up an apponitment filled day!

  3. Our son also loves going to Shriners and gets excited when ever we go. It is amazing considering they did a double foot amputation on him a little over a year ago. Shriners is awesome! Praying they can fix Ben's teeth too.

  4. It's a "sea cow" a nickname given to manatees ;)

  5. What, no other comments yet?! I scrolled down hoping somebody had solved the mystery fish names. Oh well, I obviously took what was important from this post. Or not. Love your updates.

    ~Haley Buhman


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