Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday and Ben's Appointment...Prayers Appreciated

Oh Monday! Why do you do this to me?!  I'm not sure what I did to tick you off, but seriously (from the bottom of my heart), I'm sorry.  Whatever it was, it was not purposeful.

I awoke with a allergy headache.  Think of a little gremlin sitting on your head with a tiny little hammer...boom, giggle, boom, giggle...evil little things.

I remembered (albeit belatedly) that I had a mandatory meeting for new students at a local teaching co-op. 

Side note: It's just Sarah going to any co-op this year.  She's taking two classes (One being Physics...not EVEN going to attempt it...and stay sane).

My kids got up and I have the seven youngest kids ready to go.  I had a teen up and showering.  They even all kinda matched. 

Yup, ALL by 9:00 so we could leave at 9:30 for the imaginary meeting.

Apparently the meeting is next week...(head on desk)

Monday has some issues with me.  We're thinking therapy.

So, headache...grumpy (ya, I got up on the wrong side of the kitty litter box), an imaginary meeting, bouncing off the walls littles, a middle struggling with thinking before acting, and it just happens to be overcast today...

AND we have a huge appointment.  This is a big one...NO JOKE.

Benjamin has an appointment...his very first....for teeth.  So here's the thing...even though Monday has been picking on us...could you pray today?

We would appreciate prayers for a staff cardiologist willing to do the echo on Ben's heart during the sedation that will be required for his teeth.  His current cardiologist doesn't work with this hospital.  We love his cardiologist, but have been praying to work with this hospital.  It's the same hospital the last post was about. 

Also, going through the referral process may take some time if we need to go through the normal process.  Please pray this can be circumnavigated and we can proceed.

Please pray that his teeth and heart echo (which have to be done together) are done quickly. His mouth has so much rot (black teeth rotted to the gums ) and has to be so painful.  He's just used to it. His heart may also have a small hole in it, though we pray not.  Ben cannot be put under sedation for his teeth without a cardiologist present and doing the echo.

Finally, please (so important) pray for Ben.  He doesn't like anyone in his mouth.  Today may be interesting.

Thank you for praying us through this Monday...crazy, overcast...but blessed.

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