Monday, July 1, 2013

Gifts of Blessing


We've been enjoying just a few blessings from friends lately.  We are so thankful for the outpouring of love towards our family.
Ben is in the "spinny chair" (official name) as I write this.  He loves the movement.

In between enjoying the blessings that many have given as gifts, our Ben decided he liked The Wiggles.  SCORE!'s The Wiggles (head on desk).  Actually, the television itself was given to us as a gift a few months back by someone.  We don't watch it much and don't have cable, but it's so awesome for occasional family movie night! 

We had a tv that was...hmmm...maybe 15 years old and they had an "extra" they were getting rid of.

Check out Gabe!  (bwahahaaaa!!!) He gets into his music.

Ok, so maybe "getting into the music" runs in the family!

They LOVED when we put this mirror up.  Ben will sit in front of it and throw the ball against the wall above it.

Big Sis Anna makes everything more fun!

The Water and Sand Table quickly became a sensory table this week (due to the heat).  This week it's feathers and fake leaves.  They don't hurt when thrown (smile).

This is a cake popular in the "U".  My kids weren't sure what to think of it.  It tastes a little like a malt ball.

The gifts abound and  Ben will now be the best dressed boy anywhere!

We've had a couple friends bring us dinner (and much needed items....such as a 12 cup AWESOME food processor for our son not eating solid food).
Even tonight some sweet people from Church dropped off the leftovers from a potluck...A LOT of leftovers.  YUM!!!!
Speaking of leftovers...I'm gonna go.  I'm hungry and dinners ready.


  1. We call our blue chair the Spinny Chair, a.k.a. Calming Chair, Life Saver Chair, Twirly Chair, etc. LOL

  2. Ben is so cute with that mirror!

  3. I marvel at how much you must accomplish in a day before I get our of bed. You are my inspiration to make the world better (even if I can only do it vicariously through you! )

  4. Is that mirror breakable? Where did you find it? I've been looking for one for my nephew but he will brow things so I don't want him to get hurt!

  5. Where did you find that mirror? I've been looking for one for my nephew but I need one that isn't breakable as he will throw things.


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